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"seducıng our sons"

Post #1

Seducing our Sons

By Blueheatt

My name is Edie. I was sitting on the couch late one night with young Danny. He had his arm around me and was kissing me on the neck and feeling my tits. I was trying?.to tell him something. He knew just how to make me so hot, it was hard to concentrate on what I wanted to say.
?Danny, I?ve had this urge to tell our story for a long time. I think I know how to do it. If I carefully changed the names and few things, no one will ever know it?s us. He kissed me so hot on my on my lips and said: ?Go for it.?
I?ll need yours and every ones thoughts on this, will you help me write it?
He said: ?Sure??..

?..He slowly laid me down on the couch and lifted up my night gown. He had my panties off in seconds. I wrapped my legs around him for one of our special hot fucks. He knew just how to fuck me so good and my moaning began. We were like one hot fucking machine and we worked up to a wonderful moaning, body slapping cum for both of us?..
The next day I called my son Pete over to my computer to ask him his thoughts on how this all started?..
?of course he leaned over me and down came his hands to feel my tits and kiss my neck. ?Pete I ?I?oh god?I?can?t write this with you feeling me up??

Pete started in telling his thoughts?.

I went in my mom?s bedroom to wake her for work. She had on her new sleeping mask. This was cool as it gave a chance to look at her hot body and not get caught peeking at her tits. She was laying on her side with a shear nightie on, and no bra or panties. Her big tits were half hanging out. I eased my self up on her big bed and scooted closer to her. Wow, she had nice tits and a hot body. She had dumped her last boyfriend because she wanted lot?s of sex, and he just couldn?t keep up. I overheard her telling this to Lena, her best friend that lives behind us.
I looked all over her hot body. Now to go just a little further?.
I carefully reached my hand over and touch her pubic hair. She lifted her leg up at the knee. She must have felt my hand. She put her hand on mine and moved it over on top of her pussy.
I about panicked!
I figured she was having a dream and thought I was in it. She started rubbing my hand as she scooted closer to me. She moved my hand on her warm soft bush and moved it up and down.
When she wakes up, I?m gonna get in big trouble?..but?
I?ll just let her keep on using my hand as her dream toy. She started breathing hard and scooted even closer to me. She took her other hand and slipped it around my neck. I was shaking slightly. I was NOT looking forward to her waking up and being very mad at me.
I had already been caught with my hand in the neighbor girl May?s, panties. We were in back of the garage and feeling each other up. I had just got my finger in her little pussy when our mom?s came out and caught us. Her mom Lena took May home and my mom yelled it me. Strange though?.as soon as they left my mom smiled and looked right my boner. She whispered: (??you?ve got to be more careful doing things like that Pete.?)
Back in mom?s bed, I now had a problem. A boner. As she rubbed my hand on her soft bush, she felt my boner on the back of her hand. She stopped. She slowly turned her hand slightly and started feeling my boner.
This was to much and I bolted out of her bed and into the bathroom. I waited for my boner to go down.
When I came out, her door was closed and she was getting dressed. She never said a word about that mornings happenings.
The next morning?temptation was drawing me hard to do that again. I made the mistake of peeking around the corner of her open bedroom door.
Oh fuck ?.
this time she was completely naked?with only that sleep mask thing on. I had to look at her. I got a boner so fast, I grabbed it to keep it down. She looked like a goddess lying there. Her beautiful big tits were awesome. She lay on her side again and her full light brown bush reminded me of feeling it yesterday morning.
I wanted to crawl up beside her so bad, like yesterday.
I had no choice. I quietly slipped in bed beside her.
Edie, Pete?s mom, thought?.
Oh god this is so taboo, but I can pretend like I?m having a dream with this mask on. I can?t see, but I sure can feel. Lena was right. With this mask I can get some sexual feelings from my son. Next is to get him to wear a sleep mask too, then we can have some real sex, and never see each other. It sounds so crazy, but Lena is doing it too, and she hopes soon to get her son to have sex with her the same way.

We single mom?s need sex too??

Yesterday Pete made me so hot, I?ve had a wet pussy ever since. I?m just a sleeping mom Pete, come close and take advantage. He?s got such a big boner for his age, I loved feeling it. I make it hard and that?s exciting. How far will I let this go??I don?t even know myself. I should have a talk with him about keeping things super secret in our house. OH?I feel him slipping in bed. Come closer Pete, I?m just having a dream, let me include you. No one will know but us. I feel his body heat now. I?ll flop my arm over him and pull him close to me, like I have no control over my dreams. It worked. He?s scooting close to me again. There! I feel his hand moving next to my pussy.
Time to help him along. I?ll lift my knee up and move his hand on my pussy again. Good boy, keep going, feel it all you want. I?ll pull his head into my tits for a nice lick from him?mmmmm ..he?s taking the bait?.now to reach for his big boner?..oh my god, he so hard. I?m going to slip my hand inside his pajamas. Wow?his boner is so warm and erect. Let?s just enjoy this for a while?..damn he makes me hot!

Pete?s poor mind was thinking?.
What am I doing!?the risk is madding. Feeling your own mom is bad and good all at the same time. If she wakes up, I could spent the rest of my life locked in my room. I can blame it all on her. She had some dream or something and attack me.
Shit?no one would believe that. Ok mom, you are in control, but I may cum in your hand, I hope you know that.
I had her big tits in my mouth and was being stroked by her warm hand?..
Oh my god?
Sorry mom,
I couldn?t hold it anymore. I shot big as she just kept stroking me even faster. I was having the hottest cum of my life all over her wrist and hand and tummy. She?s gotta wake up now and all hell will break loose.
She not?.hmmmm?.she?s moaning a little and holding me?.she?s feeling my cum on her tummy.
This? was to much. I backed out of her bed, and left.
May and I talked on our phones and I wanted to fuck her so bad right now I was hurting. She wanted me too. Her mom and brother Danny lived right behind us with only a small fence with a gate between us. She would come out to their patio and feel herself while I watched. I sneaked in rubbing my boner while she watched me. We were restricted from being together. Her brother Danny and I were buddy?s and we would go thru the gate ok?.but May and I could only look at each other in passing. Danny wanted me to fuck his sister since he couldn?t.
I told him about my mom and her sleep mask thing and jacking me off. He got really excited and envied me so bad. He had tried to feel his sister but she wasn?t into it and warned him she would tell their mom.

One afternoon we sat just hanging on my patio. Danny told me his mom already had a sleep mask like my mom did. I said he ought to try crawling in bed with her in the mornings, like I did. Maybe she would play with him like my mom does me. He scooted his chair close to me and started to whisper. (??you gotta keep this to yourself...promise??) I said I would. (? mom has been feeling me up ever since she got that mask thing. She came in my room late one night and said I would have to sleep with her from now on because she heard noises outside. I was not awake and she led me into her bedroom. She had two nightlights that dimly lit the room I crawled in bed with her and she put on that sleeping mask thing. She had a little nightie on, but no panties or bra. During the night, I felt her tits in my back. Then her arm flopped over me and right on my dick. I got a boner so fast, I couldn?t help it. She felt so good and warm. Her hand slowly reached in my shorts and she started stroking my boner. I figured she must be having a sex dream or something. I just held still and let her play with me. I know your not suppose to, but now I want to have sex with her, real bad.?)

We realized right then, our mom?s might be wanting to have sex with us.
Those sleep masks were making them horny for us. We swore to each other not to breathe a word about this to anyone?ever. We admitted that we liked it and if we got the chance?.we?d have sex with our moms.
We sat quietly talking about girls and women?s tits and pussy?s. I ask him if he?d ever seen his mom naked. He said ?oh yeah, lots of times. She likes to walk around the house naked all the time. I got a boner listing to him describe her naked. I told him I had seen my mom naked for the first time that second morning she wore her sleep mask. He asked me to describe her naked. I did, saying how her big tits looked good and her pussy hair was so soft, when I got to touch it.
Now he was getting a boner as I talked about my mom.
He got an idea. He asked if he could sleep over tonight at my house. Then, in the morning he could peek and get to see my mom naked with her sleep mask on. If mom had a dream again, he could watch me and mom play. Then I could spend a night with him and see his mom naked and maybe watch her play with him.

I thought about that?.. but the part I liked was seeing his mom naked and her playing with him.
I told him that was a deal, let?s do that.

What I didn?t tell him how bad I wanted to fuck ?his? mom. She was hot to me. She had long black hair, like May?s was. Nice tits and short, hot legs and a killer ass. Something about Lena just turned me on to the max.

Lena and I talked privately?.
Lena said: ?It?s time Edie, to talk the boys into wearing a sleep mask along with us.? I said: ?It sure is, I think their both ready for some feel action and a lot more. Did I tell you that Pete shot cum on me the other morning??
?Oh wow ?.Really?I?ve got Danny so hard now but he hasn?t cum for me yet. I bet tonight he will though.? Lena said.
We made our plans to seduce our sons?but what we didn?t know at the time, was their plans to seduce US.
My son Pete had the hots for Lena, and her son Danny had the hots for me. That?s when their ?sleepovers? started. ?Things? started getting real exciting then?..

Lena and I notice the attention we were getting from each others sons. Lena?s son Danny was eyeballing me all the time now. It made me hot and I loved it. He would hug me from behind and push his dick against my butt. I would whisper: (?Oh Danny? you have such nice hands.?) I would watch his eyes light up, he was probably fantasizing about feeling me up.

At Lena?s house she told me Pete was giving her back rubs and little feels of her tits.

Lena was thinking?.
Pete?s hands are feeling the sides my tits with his back rubs. He?s getting me aroused, it feels so good, but?.tonight son Danny is getting a nice sleep mask from his mommy. He?ll be my personal sex toy soon?and Pete too if he keeps this up. I can see it in Pete?s eyes. He looks at my tits like he?d like to suck on them. He puts his arm around me and I feel his heart speed up too.

Edie tells me Pete has a big boner. Maybe I?ll find out how it feels, I can sure see it bulging in his pants now?.damn?he getting me all hot?.hang on Pete, Lena got just what you want when the time is right??
I quit typing and paused to reflect and smile. The ?sleepover? ploy of the boys was so cool.
I had to type every detail of it, I?m getting so turned on just typing about it?back to typing?

That next morning very early, I felt Pete slip into bed with me. I of course had on my sleep mask and pretended to be asleep. I was naked and waiting for him to cuddle close to me. He did and now I surprised him. I reached over and put a sleep mask on him?.but wait. Something felt different. His hair?.Oh My God?
This wasn?t Pete! I felt around?.oh god?it was Danny! The boys had made a switch on me. I liked this and played like all was normal. I pulled Danny close to me and put his face in my tits. His body was trembling. I guided his head around my tits and soon he began to suck on them. I reached down and felt his boner. It was thicker than Pete?s and I liked it. His hand began to feel my body. My legs and I put his hand on my pussy. He wasted no time in putting fingers in me. He was going for it now as he massaged my clit real good. I was burning up with arousal. He was more aggressive and soon was kissing me with his hot tongue darting in my mouth. I was really turned in now. Go Danny go, I said to myself. He did, and rolled me over on my back. I opened my legs wide, and he wasted no time getting on top of me. I loved the feel of his warm body on me and I reached down and guided his boner in me. He started fucking me right away, but kept massaging my clit. I hadn?t had any sex for a long time and this was wonderful. I felt his firm butt cheeks and began moaning. He came right away, squirming and cuming in me. I held him in tight and worked up a big climax. He kept slow fucking me trying to catch his breath. His hands kept feeling my tits and he kissed me gently. Wow, just what I liked a man to do. He kept doing his as I realized he was working up another cum. He slowly began to speed up his fucking of me. He was going to cum again. I wanted this and felt him all over to excite him. He grabbed both hands full of my tits and fucked me faster. I was going to climax again?it was happening so good?.I dug my pussy hard into his dick and fucked him back as fast as I could. Our bodies slapped together and we both moaned. He pushed his dick into my pussy as deep as he could and I felt his hot cum flood my pussy. He pumped me hard and gowned as the cum flowed.
Wow, he was a fucking machine with me. I squirmed and squeezed my pussy tight around his dick and held it?.I climaxed again! I lost my air and moaned to get it back. I trembled with joy. He kissed me and got off me and left.
That day at work my mind was not on work. It kept drifting to that mornings high. I wondered?do I tell Lena??or is Pete going to fuck her the way Danny just did me. I decided to keep quiet.
The boys arranged to sleepover at Lena?s that night. I knew now she was in for a shock. She had told me that tonight she was going to have Danny put on a sleep mask. I thought?.surprise Lena?it may not be Danny but Pete. Lena like to play in the late night, after May was good and asleep. Danny was ahead of her and said he?d like to try a sleep mask, that he might sleep better. Lena quickly said: ?I have another one Danny.? and went and got it.
That night Lena put her sleep mask on and lay in bed, waiting for Danny to come to bed.
I stopped typing and called my friend blueheatt at I told him I was getting ready to submit my story. He said: ?I?m kinda busy right now, I?m writing a story about two women and their sleep masks.? I said: ?Don?t you dare!?that?s what my story is about!? He said: ?Aw shit...ok I?ll abandon that story and go to another. Has your story made your pussy real wet??and do you want to feel your own tits?? I giggled and said: ?Sometimes your such a pervert.? He said: ?Yeah I know, now about your wet pussy?? I giggled again and hung up.
Lena?s mind was racing thinking about Danny with his sleep mask on too. What would he do now. How would he feel about having sex with his mom? She got really hot think about the night ahead.
She heard foot steps. She felt the bed move as Danny was getting in it. She felt his body heat now moving in close to her. Her heart was beating fast. She reached down to feel his boner?.no shorts?ooooo?this was hot. She felt his hands starting to feel her tits. Hmmm his fingers felt different. She felt his boner. She paused. It was bigger??and longer??.She thought: ?.Oh My God?.this is NOT Danny!?wait?.I know those fingers?.oh gezzzz?it?s PETE!?those little shits have pulled a switch on me! ?but?
I wanted to feel Pete?s boner anyway?I?ll just play along with this?..mmmm?nice warm boner.?

Edie recalls her description?.

She felt Pete?s lips on her nipples. She got tingles in them as he was gentle, causing her to shiver with delight. She stroked Pete?s boner and it felt so hot.
Lena thought?.?Edie is gonna shit when she finds out the her son Pete?..but?they slept over at her house last night. I haven?t talked to her since then. Oh my god, I bet Danny played with her and she doesn?t know it?.but?how could she not know it. I can?t wait until we compare notes.

Oh Pete baby?he?s got his fingers in my pussy now. I feel him playing with my clit?.oh damn that?s hot?..I?m pulling him closer to me?mmmm?.he?s kissing my neck so hot and?I?m going to pull his head up. I want some tongue kissing and now. Mmmmm?his tongue is so hot?.I?m rolling over on top of him. I want that big boner in my pussy. He?s still massaging my clit and ?.ooooo?that?s my G spot baby?..move over fingers her comes his boner. His body is so smooth. I love sliding back and forth on it?.mmmmm?his hands on my butt cheeks, moving me with my boner sliding. Damn he?s got me so hot?.I feel that boner touching bottom inside me?Oh my god that takes my breath away. I?m?.fucking him faster? I?m loving this?I so hot with desire for him ?fuck me Pete?fuck me good baby?I?m working up a big climax baby?it?s cuming?Pete?.oh god?.

I felt him shoot a big load in me?

I lost it and my pussy dug into his boner and shuttered a high I?d never felt before. My pussy pulsated on it?s own on his boner. I yelled out?.oh my god I didn?t mean to do that?.but I just couldn?t help it. ?.well? Danny will know their switch worked real well?mmmm?I love to just keep sliding on Pete as he pumps his cum in me. I can control the feeling on my clit and how deep I like it best. Pete?s fingers are all over me. Between my legs, then under me to message my clit, playing with my butt cheeks?.he was getting ready to fuck me again?.I?m loving this?.?
finished the story. I realized that typing this story has made me so hot and horny. My pussy was very wet?I yelled out: ?Danny?can you come in here and?? Danny was standing right behind me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear: (? I?ve been reading our hot story over your shoulder.?)
Next thing I knew, I felt my sleep mask come down over my eyes. He picked me up and dropped me on the bed. UP went my dress, Down came my panties and off, and Up went my knees to my ears. Danny was tongue kissing me as he was putting his boner in me. He was fucking me hard! I held on tight as he and I began to moan loud. I felt his boner so deep in me I winched in delight. Two yells and a flood of cum and climaxes came together. We thrashed our bodies together in a loud slapping noise. His cum overflowed out my pussy. I got so dizzy with the high feelings, I almost passed out. I squeezed his boner as hard as I could with my pussy. Danny moaned and jumped. He was hyper with excitement. He kept fucking me hard and pumping his cum in me, over and over??

I loved it when he did that?.

(I hope my little story gets you the reward I just got)

09-11-2021, at 08:56 PM

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