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Ugly June

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Ugly JuneJune is a 70 year old woman that I know from the senior club. I made the title Ugly June to get your attention but I would never say anyone was ugly. June is not very good looking. She has long hair that's grey black that seemed to never be brushed. She has a big nose, dark brown eyes, here face is very wriggled, with a saggy double chin. Her body from what I could see at the time was very out of shape. She was small at the top then widened out as it went down to her big hips thighs and ass. Pear shaped I guess you call it. There is nothing sexy about June but she is a great person and we talk all the time. We have a lot in common turns out. We are both artists, we love baseball and football and the same teams. We are close in age so we even share the same music likes.She is funny and very upbeat. We enjoy talking to each other and have talked for long periods of time about everything. We have been friends for about 2 years now. I have never thought about her sexually in any way.One day June was standing outside the senior club after a meeting when I came out. She said she was waiting for her daughter but she was late and she wasn't answering her phone. I stood talking with her for a while so she wasn't alone. Then I told her that I would drive her home if she could climb into my truck which is a little high. At first she said no and tried calling her daughter again. After no response she agreed to let me take her home.When we got to her house I had to help her get out of my truck and then is when she asked me to come in for a drink or something. I said why not I love talking to her. She got me an iced tea and we sat at her dining room table talking. She was worried about her daughter. Then her phone rang and it was her daughter. She said her daughters phone had died and that is why she wasn't answering her and she was going to be late. June told her not to worry she was already home and for her to just go home herself.As we were talking, and out of nowhere, June said that we had talked about everything except for sex. I just looked at her for second not knowing what to say but she did and she quickly said " I knew you may be surprised by that but I didn't think you would be speechless."I said " so where do we start with that?"She started by asking how my ex wife was in bed and if I was getting a lot of action from the senior ladies. She said she knew I was dating a few of them because they had talked about it. After some discussion I asked her about her sex life. She laughed and said " non existent."There was an awkward pause which never happens with us so I decided to be bold and said " if you would like we could change that." Then I smiled trying to make it a joke if it needed to be one.Her face got serious and I thought she was going to give me hell but she instead asked " you would really what to fuck this ugly old lady."I told her first of all you're not ugly and second I would be honored to be accepted into your bed.She laughed and said " are you really "that" horny."I said I am always horny. She said I may be sorry because she hadn't had sex in about 4 years and she may surprise me by her needs. We went on joking around about it for awhile and then she said " well if you are really serious about this I will go upstairs and get ready for you. Just give me a few minutes and I will call you up."I said " I'll be waiting."A few minutes later she called me. When I found her room she was standing by the bed wearing a short pink sheer baby doll thing. I could see her tits and nipples through it. They were bigger than I thought. I could also see her pussy hair. As I walked over to her she told me to get my shirt off so I did. She commented that my arms and chest were very muscular and when I got to her she ran her hands over my chest then over and down my arms to my biceps stopping and telling me to flex them. I did and she o'd and a'd about how hard they were and that she hoped my other muscle was as hard. We both laughed and I began to kiss her. As we kissed I cupped her one tit. I could feel the nipple get hard so I began rolling it between my fingers. She moaned softly and her tongue slipped in my mouth to find mine. Then she slid her hand down and began unbuckling my belt then unbutton and unzip my jeans. She reached in my pants taking my balls and cock into her hand. In between kisses she remarked how big my balls felt . I said old man balls and she said she liked old man balls. Then she started stroking my cock and it got hard real quick. I pushed my pants down until they fell to the floor. She let go of my hard cock pushed herself against it and began grinding. Then she reached down took my cock and guided it between her pussy lips, We stood there a little as I stroked my cock between her fat thighs. Then she suggested we get on the bed because she can't stand that long.She climbed up on the bed crawling over to the other side. I could see her naked fat wrinkled flabby ass as she moved across the bed and laid on her back. I quickly kicked off my pants and shoes climbing up next to her.I began kissing her and she immediately grabbed my cock stroking it. I grabbed her tit again but then moved my hand down toward her pussy. As I slid over her flabby bell she began to slide her legs apart. As my hand reached her belly I began to feel hair, not a lot but it was there. It got a little thicker as I approached her pussy. I slid my hand over her fat pussy and had to separate the fat around her pussy to find her clit. It felt like a pretty good size clit. I began rubbing her clit and she moaned softly. She spread her fat thighs more. She seemed to be enjoying me rubbing her clit so I continued as we kissed and sucked tongues. She spread her thigh more and more seemingly inviting me further into her fat pussy. So I obliged sliding hand fingers down finding her now wet hole. I slowly slide my fingers into her wet hole and she sighed loudly. I pushed further inside her and pushed herself against my hand. I got two finger all the way inside her and she was moaned and breathing faster. I fingered her pussy for awhile as she kissed me harder and squeezed my cock harder. Her breathing became faster and she let go of my cock and began pulling at me to get on top of her. I slid on top of her and she opened her legs wide pulling her knees up. My cock slid down her fat pussy and then easily slid between her fat pussy lips to her wet hole. I began fucking her slowly then at a steady pace. She began to oh and ah telling how good it felt and how she had missed having a dick inside her. As I steadily fucked her she began responding to my thrusts with her own. I was looking down at her face . Her eyes were closed and her face became all scrunched up and her mouth was wide open showing all her crooked teeth I hadn't seen before. Then she grabbed the pillow under her head and began making groaning sounds. Then she took a deep breathe and held it. Her eyes opened and she still held her breathe but then a strange sound came out of her mouth and she thrust her pelvis up against me threw her head back into the pillow and started cursing " fuck fuck fuck yes " over and over. I never heard June say any fowl words. She pushed her ass up and down and I could feel her shaking under me. Then out of her mouth came this sound aaaaaaaaaaagh for a really long time. Then she started cursing again over and over until she just fell limp. I stayed inside her but did not cum. I just kept slowly pumping. She finally looked up at me and said " that was amazing which I'm sure you could tell by my cursing. Sorry about that."I said it didn't bother me and no need to apologize. I laid there on top of her with my cock still in her kissing. She told me she hadn't cum like that's in many many years.I told her I was happy to help her with that. She asked me if I came and I said no. She said do you want to or would I like to play some more. I am always up for more playing it is half the fun. I got off her and she went to the bathroom. When she came back she was completely naked. Her tits hung down to her belly even though they weren't really that big. They were empty and saggy. She got on the bed and laid across my legs. She began stroking my still hard cock and then began kissing and licking. Then she started sucking on the head and running her tongue around it. Then she took my whole cock into her mouth. Man could she suck cock. She really knew what she was doing and seemed to really enjoy it. June sucked and stroked me for a long time until she said she had better stop before I make you cum. She said she didn't mind if I came in her mouth but she wanted to play some more. Then she asked me if I wanted to eat her. Of course I did and told her so. She got on her back and spread her legs. I dove right in. That's when I saw how fat her pussy really was. I had to spread the fat to get to her clit. I licked you clit and she said " oh yeah that's it Joe I like that."She seemed to be getting excited real quick. I started to stick my finger in her pussy and she stopped me saying " I only want your dick or your tongue in there just concentrate on my twat that is what really gets me going."I was glad to oblige and as I licked her clit she told me to suck on it too. When I did she started making little squeaky noises. The more I sucked the louder her noises got. Then she started moving her hips around and she jerked her ass up a little then just as fast stopped. She pushed my head away and told me to get up here. I came up face to face with her and she kissed me and said that I had had just made her cum a little.We spent the next few hours playing and fucking all over the house. I came inside her pussy once and in her mouth once. We are still very good friends except that we have sex every once in a while.
01-09-2022, at 01:19 AM

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