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"Swingers Close"

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"Swingers Close"My husband and I recently moved to a new house in ?Swingers Close?.....Yes I know; we laughed about it at the time as well, but what we didn't reckon on was the laugh ending up being on us !We had been there for about a couple of weeks, and had most of the things roughly where we wanted them, when a knock came on the front door. On opening it, a lady introduced herself as one of our neighbours. ?Come in will you please? I said, only too pleased to meet and greet people from the Close.?My name is Jill? She said ?I hope you are both settling in ok? ?Yes; fine thank you? myself and my husband replied. ?Well let me cut to the chase then....may I sit down? ? ?Yes of course? I said as I ushered her into the lounge. ?This Close is not called ?Swingers Close for nothing you know? she ventured with a smile.? On seeing the startled looks on our faces she continued ?Let me put you fully in the picture then.?In this Close there are twenty four swinging couples, and what happens is every Saturday morning is I take twenty four blank white envelopes and cards, and on each card I write a house number of one of the participating couples, then I place it in one of the envelopes, and seal it. Upon completion, I shuffle them up so I have no idea of what number is in any envelope, and then I walk round the Close posting one to each swingers households mail box. What happens next is that the female of the house opens it, remembers the number enclosed, and at eight pm that night goes along to the dwelling in question. Once inside they must do whatever they are told by the resident male, when they are told, without question, as often as they are told, and for as long as they are told to. These sessions can last up to midnight, depending on the scenario. Now I know you are new to the Close, but if you would like to join our very happy community, and it is certainly a good way to be come acquainted with your new neighbours that's for sure, please let me know as soon as possible so that you can be included in next Saturdays session? She chuckled. Then handing me a piece of paper with her telephone number written on it said, ?Just give me a call if you would like to join us? And with that she got up a left, leaving myself and my husband staring at each other in complete disbelief, eyes agog, and mouths wide open, feeling a mixture of not knowing what to say to each other, and yet turned on and intrigued by the whole concept. Now we were not completely naive, and had in the past contemplated ?Swinging? But had never actually got round to doing anything about it, and here we were being offered the opportunity to make a start. After some discussion with my husband, who had in the past suggested it to me ( so I thought that he would be interested in going ahead with it ) I slightly apprehensively decided to go along with it. The decision now having been made between me and my husband, I was already looking forward to the next Saturday evening.The next morning, I rang Jill's number. My mouth was dry as she answered the phone. She was very pleased that we wanted to engage in the action, and welcomed us into her little group. After I rang off, it had all been arranged, I waited in eager anticipation for my white envelope to plop through the door. Saturday arrived and I waited with nervous anticipation for the special delivery to come through my letter box. I didn't have to wait too long, as about ten am, there it was on the hall mat. Ripping it open the card revealed a ?Number Seven? What I thought I would do was to walk the dog around the Close, to see where I needed to go that evening, as it would be dark later on, and best to locate it in the daylight first. I walked past number seven slowly, to see if I could see anyone, but they appeared to be out. It would have been nice to have glimpsed the man of the house so that I could have seen who would be taking full advantage of me that evening.At five minutes to eight, I wished my husband all the best with his lady visitor, as he did me with my conquest. There were several other females coming out of their houses on there way to different houses as I made my way to my destination. I past a couple of them, we smiled at each other knowing only full well what we were all up to. One middle aged female stopped me on the way and enquired if I was going to number seven where she had just come from. I informed her that I was, and wondered how she knew. She said that she didn't , but that her husband would be absolutely delighted as he was looking forward to meeting me soon to give my pussy a damn good fucking as he put it if I ended up at his place that evening. She also warned me that he was sex mad, so I should look forward to a very energetic evening.With a slightly moist patch between my legs I tentatively knocked on the door at number seven. ?Come on in; it's not locked? A voice said from within. I entered, and made my way to where some ethereal music was playing, and there in the middle of the floor was a man sitting stark naked on a chair with a massive hard on. ?Get undressed and suck me off now? He commanded. Remembering the rules of engagement, I proceeded to disrobe. As I undid my bra, my breasts fell out of their cups, and swung from side to side. ?Nice pair of tits? He exclaimed. ?Glad you like them I said, noticing that I was getting damper by the second between my legs at the thought of what was about to happen.Dressed only in my birthday suit, he instructed me to kneel between his wide open legs and to see to his needs. I knelt down on a cushion directly in front of him and started to lick his penis around the rim at first, which brought a delighted sigh from him, then slowly lowering my mouth over his thick and veiny shaft, proceeded to suck his helmet. He pushed my head down further over his throbbing member, making me gag a bit as I swallowed him right down to it's base, his pubes tickled my nose.?Lick my balls at the same time? He ordered. I did his bidding, and it sent him spiralling over the top as he ejaculated down my throat. When he eventually pulled out, enabling me to breathe again properly, I couldn't believe it but he was still rock hard. ?We are now going to the bedroom where I am going to give you a good seeing too young lady? He said with purpose. On reaching the room he said ?Take up the doggy position on the bed so that I can wham you from behind ? I adopted the position that he demanded of me, and in one all mighty thrust, he entered me right up to his balls which bounced off my ass cheeks, making me scream with ecstasy as the suddenness of it all took my breath away. Just as well that I was well lubricated up between my legs. He pounded his shaft in and out of my body like a man possessed, making me dribble down the insides of my thighs, such was the intensity of his lust attack. He took much longer to cum this time, shooting his seed deep within me. ?Stay in that position whilst I take some photographs of my sperm running down your legs? He said. I wondered what he had install for me next. I didn't have long to wait to find out. Without warning he pushed his member into my tiny puckered ass hole, making me wince as it made it's way inside my forbidden tunnel of shame. At least his cock was covered in our juices, as otherwise it would have been quite a painful entry having not being greased up or anything. I could not get over the fact that he remained hard even after shooting his load twice inside me as he pumped away inside my ass, my cheeks at least acted as a buffer against his assaults. At last he came again for the third and final time, filling me up with the very last of his man cream, as he squirted it up my bottom.I have to admit that I lost account of how many times he made me cum that evening, but what I do know was that I was pleased to get back home to hear how my husband had got on. If his experience was anything like mine, he definitely had had great evening.....roll on next Saturday.More to follow, read all about my other Saturdays soon.
04-06-2021, at 11:55 PM

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