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Office Mature

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Office MatureThis is a true story.There's a woman in my office whose ass I am in love with. We'll just call her Mary for this story. She's not particularly good looking but I find her incredibly sexy. Mary is not really fat but she has big tits, big belly and a huge round ass. I think it?s from having a couple of k**s, the type of body that drives me crazy. I was 30 when this story took place and Mary was probably in her early 50s. I doubt I'm the only guy in the office who has noticed this ass. She always wears really tight business type pants. I've often seen her leaning on a desk talking to someone. It's an open plan office, so I have to try and sneak a look. I've actually walked past her when she's bending over and then pretend I forgot something just so I can walk past again.A couple of short stories before I get to the main event.One day she came into the canteen where I was having a break and as it was over the holidays there weren't many people around. She asked if she could sit with me and I of course said yes. Unusually she was wearing a low cut top this day and she had plenty of cleavage on display. She made herself a cup of tea and asked if she could have some of my milk. She leaned on the table to get it and I couldn't help but stare at her lovely big full tits as she nearly spilled out of her top. I got an immediate hard on. When she sat with me, I could barely concentrate on the conversation as I had to keep looking at her huge breasts. I think she noticed and quite enjoyed it. I had to go to the toilet afterwards to relieve myself.Another time I was having a chat with her and then we were going up a couple of flights of stairs. Me being a gentleman, allowed her to go first. I walked right behind her even though there was room for us to walk side by side :-)Her ass was right in my face all the way up. I actually leaned forward as I walked behind her and my face was only inches form her ass. I had to go and relieve myself again after this too.So anyway, one day I was asked if I could lock up for the night as there was no one else available. I used to work as security in the building before getting this job, so knew what to do. I've locked up before so agreed. I knew Mary was always working late and a couple of times I locked up, I hoped something would happen but it never did.When it came to closing time, I walked the office telling people I was locking up now. Mary said she just had to finish something and I said "Ok, I'll clear the rest of the building and come back to you".I checked all the floors and offices and when I was sure the office was empty, I locked the door to ensure no one could come back in. I went back up to Mary's desk and told her the office was empty now and it was just the 2 of us. I was kind of hoping she'd take the hint but she barely reacted.She said "I'm just about finished here, but something's wrong with my pc, can you have a look?". I couldn't stand behind her as she sat next to a wall. She stood up and I sat in her chair. I tried to figure out what was wrong but it seemed fine to me. She said "Look I'll show you what was happening". Before I could stand up to let her sit back down, she was leaning across me to get to the mouse. I moved back in the chair but as the wall was behind me I couldn't go far. She now stood in front of me bending down to use the mouse and her ass was about 4 inches from my face. Her grey pants stretched tightly against that big butt. I leaned forward a little and could smell her scent. I was getting rock hard at this point. Then she moved back and her ass hit my face. I said sorry but she just smiled. She turned back to the pc and to my surprise, sat down in my lap.I'm sure she could feel my cock as it was throbbing now. I looked down at her ass and her hips were wider than mine. I'm quite thin so her ass spilled over the edge of my lap. I couldn't believe this was happening. She then leaned forward, still working on the pc and I could see the top of her full cut black satin panties and her pantyhose.I know in this situation, it seems like it was only heading one way but my heart was still thumping when I made a move. It still felt like she could say no and slap me in the face. I put my arms around her and pulled her back into me. I put my hand under her top and felt her big soft belly. She wasn't stopping me so I reached up to touch her boobs. They were so big and heavy. I began massaging them and she began moaning, then she stood up. She felt the bulge in my pants and I felt like I could cum at that moment. She stood between my legs and took her top off. She leaned towards me and put her hands on the back of the chair. She put her huge cleavage in my face and I could feel those big warm, full boobs engulf my face. I reached behind her back to undo her bra and her magnificent breasts were free. Her nipples were rock hard and I sucked on the left one while playing with the right one. She was loving this and her moans were turning me on even more.She moved out from her desk now into a more open section. She said "Are you sure the office is empty?" These were the first words spoken in around 5 minutes. I said "Yes, and the door is locked". I could barely get the words out. She beckoned me to move out from the desk too. She told me to get naked. I didn't need asking twice. Then she sat me back down in her office chair, with my raging hard on begging to be touched.She turned her back to me and bent over slightly. I think she knew her ass was her best feature :-)She kicked her shoes off and sat in my lap again. My cock squashed between her ass and my body. I reached around and cupped her tits and started playing with her nipples. She stood up, still between my legs and undid the button on her pants. She bent right down to touch her ankles as she pulled her pants down. Her ass looked amazing in her panties and pantyhose. Finally, after all these years, I get to see this ass I've lusted over and had countless wanks thinking about.I start kissing her ass and she tells me to lie on the ground. She sits between my legs and touches my cock. She wraps her mouth around it and begins sucking it and licking around the tip. I've thought about this moment so much that I couldn't hold back any longer. I exploded a stream of hot cum down her throat. I don't think I've ever cum this hard before. Felt like 20 hot spurts of cum shot into her mouth, but she didn't spill a drop and swallowed it all. I said "Sorry. I've been thinking about this moment for years". She smiled and said "Oh really?".She then turned around so she was facing away from me. She made her way up my body, ass first, until she was sitting on my chest. She put my arms under her legs, by my sides, so I couldn't touch her ass. Then moved back a bit more and sat on my face. My cock started getting hard again already as my nose was deep in her ass crack and her smell was filling my nostrils. I couldn't breath and was forced to try and take deep breaths. I was sniffing her ass so hard as I struggled for air. Don't forget, this was the end of a long working day. I was in heaven with the smell of her ass. She leaned forward a little bit to let me breathe and then sat back down again. She stood up now and pulled her pantyhose and panties down. She was now completely naked and planted her big butt on my face again. I could taste her sweat now and starting licking her asshole. She seemed to like that and leaned forward so I could get more of my tongue in her ass. My cock was now throbbing again but she didn't touch it. Was probably afraid of it going off again :-)She stood up and turned around and sat back on my face. This time her pussy was begging for attention. She rubbed her pussy on my face first and I could feel how wet it was. I started licking her pussy and clit and it didn't take long before she was moaning quite loudly. She started cumming and to my surprise she squirted on my face and in my mouth. I've never had a woman squirt before. It was such a turn on.She told me to sit back in the her chair. She climbed on top facing me and put her legs through the arms of the chair. He tits were swinging in my face as I tried to catch a nipple in my mouth. It was an awkward position so she climbed off again and turned around. She sat back in my lap with my cock in her pussy. She was really getting into this now and was bouncing up and down on my cock. I had an amazing view of that big ass moving up and down. The chair had wheels and everytime she bounced we?d move a little. We were were out in the middle of the floor at this point and I could just imagine everyone being back in the office tomorrow morning.She told me to lie down again and straddled me and put my rock hard cock in her pussy. It was so wet and warm and slippy. She started grinding up and down on my cock. She could certainly move for an older woman. She was obviously very excited as it wasn't long before she was cumming again. This time I could feel her juices all over my cock as she came. Her tits looked so sexy from below and as she continued bouncing on my cock, I could feel myself cumming again. I let out a load moan and had another huge orgasm. She lay on top of me with my cock still inside of her, I wrapped my arms around her and we just stayed there for around 5 minutes, sweaty, breathing heavily and saying nothing.We eventually had to move and she stood up. I got up too and we started to get dressed. I noticed her putting on her pantyhose without putting on her panties. She handed these to me and said I can keep them as a reminder. I said ?I don?t think I?ll ever forget this?. Her knees had carpet burn from when she was bouncing up and down on my cock. She laughed when she said my back also has carpet burns. She was married and I have a long term gf. We would have to hide these marks from our partners.In the lift on the way out, we started kissing passionately while I had another good feel of that ass and tits. We said goodbye in the car park and I got into my car and had a good sniff of her panties. When I got home, I put the panties in a ziplock bag and hid them so I could have a sniff whenever I wanted.This was a few years ago and while we still work together she acts as if nothing ever happened. I would love another encounter but I don't know if she'd be interested. I still smile when I see the stain on the carpet from her squirting. People presume there was a drink spilled but I know the truth.
04-06-2021, at 11:55 PM

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