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leanne gets caught stealing part 2

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leanne gets caught stealing part 2leanne arrives at work half an hour early goes to mr whites office 'hi lea' smiles katy'hallo katy i'm here as mr white ordered half an hour early should i go in now ?'katy buzzes mr white 'mr white lea is here should i send her in ?''tell her to strip off 1st then send her in naked hands on head''you heard him strip'lea blushes bright red but strips in front of katy'hands on your head' katy says standing and walikng in front of lealea puts her hands on her head'spread your legs a little and push your tits out' katy sayslea spreads her legs and pushes out her tits'how does it feel having a girl less than half your age telling you what to do ?' katy asks taking hold of leas tits and bouncing them up and downlea blushes again 'uh i don't know katy''mr white told you to call me miss thats twice now you called me katy should i tell him ?''no please don't miss i'm sorry miss it won't happen again miss''hum we will see' katy slides her hand down over leas stomach and between her legs katy takes a step backwards away from her'oh dear you really are not behaving are you i must tell mr white i think''no please i beg you i'm sorry' lea steps forards again pushing her self onto katys hand'see thats better' katy shoves 2 fingers up leas cunt and slowly starts fucking her 'i'm really not into girls but you licked me so good yesterday i may make an exception for you ' katy pulls her fingers out of leas cunt and shoves them into leas mouth fucking her mouth making her gag on the fingers as she shoves them into the back of leas mouth'whats going on whats taking so long' mr white asks over the intercom 'tell her to strip and get in here'katy shoves her fingers in leas cunt again and starts fucking her again she uses her other hand to press the button on the intercom 'sorry mr white but she is taking her time getting undressed she will be in shortly'katy fucks lea faster and faster and uses her other hand to frig leas clit making lea gasp and thrust her hips forward katy rubs leas clit harder and fucks her faster lea shudders and cums on katys fingers katy pulls her fingers out of leas cunt opens the door to mr whites office and pushes lea inside'what took you so long how long does it take to strip off ?' mr white shouts at lealeas legs are shakey after the orgasm katy just made her have she can barely stand 'stand straight hands on head shoulders back legs spread ' mr white shouts at herlea tries her best but is still breathing hard and can hardly stand straight'what the hells the matter with you if you can't stand then bend over the table grip the otherside i'm going to punish you for your behaviour i'm going to spank you 12 times on your nice arse'lea starts to cry but bends over the table grips the othersidemr white spanks her hard 'ouch''you know what you were told yesterday count and say thank you''sorry sir ouch ' mr whites hand comes down on her arse again'whats wrong with you today ? count the spanks and say thankyou i can keep this up all day if i have to'spank '1 thank you sir''thats better' spank '2 thank you sir''good girl ' spank'3 thank you sir''now what is wrong why did it take you so long to strip and get in here ?' spank'4 thank you sir i don't know sir ouch' mr white spanked her again while she was talking'we start at one again you really need to pay attention' spank'1 thankyou sir' spank '2 thank you sir'spank '3 thank you sir''did your dyke girlfriend say anything about all the marks on your arse tits and thighs last night?''uh no sir i didn't show her sir'spank '4 thankyou sir''you didn't get nude and lick her cunt last night?'spank'5 thank you sir no sir she was in...' spank '6 thankyou sir a mood sir as i didn't pick her up sir' spank'7 thankyou sir''i see did you lick her cunt this morning ? did you strip for her and have dyke sex with her ?' spank'8 thankyou sir no sir ' spank '9 thank you sir''well that doesn't seem right you got yourself off in front of me and katy but didn't look after your girlfriend doesn't seem fair to me does it seem fair to you ?' spank'10 thank you sir no sir its not fair on her sir' spank '11 thank you sir''when you leave off today i want you to go and get a hidden video camera take it home and put it in your bedroom make sure you record all the sex you have with lauren bring me the videos everyday so i can watch them understood' spank'12 thank you sir please no sir please don't make me do that sir''you can agree or i get the cane out and give you as many strokes at it needs for you to agree''sorry sir yes i'll do it sir' mr white runs a finger between leas legs'your little cunt is wet you must have enjoyed me spanking you ? or was it the thought of filming your sex with lauren ?''uh neither sir' mr white pushes his finger up leas wet cunt slowly fucking her 'i see so did you frig yourself before you came in is that why you are wet ?''uh no sir' lea isn't sure if she should say anything about katy or not 'uh it must have been you talking about me filming sex with lauren sir'mr white pushes a 2nd finger in fucking her tight cunt'when you film it make sure you look at the camera often and smile''uh yes sssssssir' lea groans as mr white pulls the 2 fingers out of her cunt and shoves them up her arse'do you want to suck my cock before i bugger you ?''uh yes please sir please let me sir''no you were supposed to get on your knees when you came in and ask as i told you yesterday so no lube again i'm afraid except from the cunt juice on my fingers anyway ' mr white takes his clothes off then sits down in a chair'come here and wank me off' he sayslea gets up off the table walks to mr white and takes his cock in her hand'what are you doing ?' mr white shouts at her'sir i'm wanking you off sir as you said sir''not like that you stupid girl wank me off with your arse get on my cock and ride it hard and fast you havn't got much time left before you need to start work so hurry up and make my cock cum with your arse''yes sir sorry sir' lea stands in front of mr white with her back to him and squats down onto his cock'put it in then i'm not doing it for you ' mr white shoutslea takes hold of mr whites cock and lines it up with her arsehole'sit down on it hard don't muck about then ride it hard and fast'lea squeals as she sits down on mr whites hard cock taking the full length straight up her arse in one go'hands on your head and ride my cock fast'lea puts her hands on her head and bobs up and down on mr whites cock'faster come on it will take all day for me to cum like that faster'lea bobs up and down faster on mr whites cock her thighs are already starting to burn from the exercise 'faster faster faster' says mr white ''ppplease sir i'm trying sir''does lauren fuck you with a strapon ?''uh yyes sssir' lea groans her thighs burning now with the effort 'good then you can practice with her get her to lay down and you fuck the strapon do that in the 1st video you make for me understood?''yyyess sir oh god i'm cumming sir''keep going faster yes yes' mr whites cock erupts sending spurt after spurt of cum up leas arsehole'now get off my cock get on your knees and suck my cock clean i don't expect to have to tell you that in the future you get down and clean my cock straight away''yes sir' lea gets down takes mr whites cock in her mouth and sucks on it bobing her head up and downmr white reaches across and pushes the intercom button 'katy come in here please and bring leas clothes with you'katy comes in with leas clothes'whats she got there' mr white says 'throw the knickes and the bra in the bin as it took her so long to strip when she came in that should speed it up a bit in future no underwear at work also no jacket just a blouse and skirt not trousers ''but please sir if i don't wear a jacket and no bra everyone will be able to see my tits sir please can i wear a jacket sir''no when you are in the office just a blouse and a skirt the skirt must be no longer than your knees while you are standing understood''yyess sir' lea says crying'katy do you want lea to lick your tight little cunt ? you really looked like you enjoyed it yesterday''she needs to start work in 5 minutes sir i'm not sure she has time sir''she's a dyke i'm sure she knows how to get you off fast lea lay down let katy sit on your face get her off quick if it takes longer than 5 minutes you can make the time up after work'lea lays down katy sits on her face and takes hold of leas tits while lea licks her cunt'play with yourself while you lick katys cunt see if you can get yourself off quicker than her' mr white says putting his trousers back on'i did fuck my boyfriend this a short while ago so his cum is up my cunt for you' katy laughs twisting leas nippleskaty has to swallow as dollups of cum come out of katys cuntkatys twists leas nipples hard 'oh my you are a really good cunt eater i'm going to cum keep it up oh yes yes yessss' katy squeals as she cums on leas face'stop diddling yourself lea ' mr white commands at katy stands up 'did you make yourself cum ?''nno sir''are you close would you like to cum?''yyess sir pplease sir''what do you think katy did she do a good job on your cunt should we let her cum ''i think she earned it yes sir lets let her cum sir''go stand in front of the window we are 10 stories up so i doubt anyone can see you get yourself off lea''uh please sir it doesn't matter sir i'm fine really''do as you are told can't have you skiving off work in a while sneaking into the toilet to bring yourself off can we now diddle yourself in front of the window and be quick about it'lea stands in front of the window and starts playing with her clittiekaty stands behind her reaches round and squeezes her tits 'i think katy should keep an eye on you during work so if you need to go to the toilet let her know she can come and watch make sure you don't get off while you are in there ok' mr white smiles'yyyesss sir ' lea sighs as she cums on her fingers
04-06-2021, at 11:55 PM

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