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Thanks to a First Aid Course and the Twins

Post #1

Thanks to a First Aid Course and the TwinsMy thanks to a First Aid Course and the Twins (full story)For those who don?t like long stories, I?m sorry but I hope you all enjoy.Chapter 1 We?ve just finished an excellent meal at our favourite restaurant. My wife is sliding out of her chair as I pay the bill. Sam has a great body, even at 45. Tonight her dress is a striking little red number. The length is respectable but the cleavage displayed is outrageous. Her exposed bosom guaranteed us excellent service. I complement her once more for her stunning outfit. I can?t wait to get her home and her out of it ? that?s another story. As she slides both arms into her coat she pushes her chest forward, affording anyone who cares to look at stimulating profile. She says that ?even in this dress it still didn?t stop you from checking-out the beautiful Jones twins and their Mom. ? Their Mom has been a widow for some years and the girls must now be nineteen. All three wore figure hugging dresses showing off their hour glass figures. But what catches most people?s attention, especially the men, is their flaming red hair. I nod an acknowledgement to ?Mom?, who I?ve spoken to once as we waited at the Dentists. Just then one of the twins starts choking. Her eyes are as large as saucers. Tears running down her cheeks making her makeup run. Mom and sister are stunned. Everyone is looking on but not moving. I?ve just completed a refresher first aid course so the training kicked in, as everyone else looked on. The pats on the back didn?t work so I preformed the Heimlich procedure. Success, I explain that they should take her to A and E for a check over. Just then a round of applause ripples around the restaurant. Not one for the limelight, I take my wife?s arm and guide her swiftly out of the restaurant. The only praise from my wife was, ?you probably enjoyed getting your hands on at least one twin?? Under other circumstances she would have been right.Two days later I bump into Mom. I didn?t recognise her until she said ?I owe you for my daughter?s life.? ?What! Oh! Don?t be silly. Anyone would have done it,? I was already trying to move away. Mom continues ?But you did. Well at least let me buy you a drink.? ?That?s not necessary,? I reply. For the second time I notice how attractive she is. I must admit that the twins had my attention throughout my meal and not Mom. ?Do you have time for at least a coffee?? she asks. I nod. I never refuse a coffee and start looking for the nearest coffee bar. ?Great, I live just around the corner. Come on.? I?m lead to an upmarket apartment and we take the lift to the penthouse. I follow this shapely Mom along the corridor to her kitchen. Sitting on a high breakfast stool I admire her feminine form. My dick also appreciates her firm ass as she makes the coffee. Placing the cups on the breakfast bar she too climbs onto a stool. As she crosses her legs I get a flash of her white panties. We do the small talk and I find out that her twin daughters live in an apartment two floors down. Her husband died five years ago leaving her a wealthy widow. We start flirting and soon we move to the couch. Sitting close I gingerly stroke her knee and progress to sliding my hand up her soft thigh, SLOWLEY. Our kisses are becoming more passionate as I start to explore her curves. I?m a patient bloke but on this occasion too slow. With my first caress of her ample bosom, over her blouse and bra she says, ?Perhaps we should take this into the bedroom and loose the clothes. Eager to view her curvy body I readily follow, watching the sway of her hips. Leaving a trail of garments, like on a film set, we arrive naked and excited. She faces me and I?m pleased to see two large hard nipples topping two only slightly sagging breasts and a firm stomach. ?Generally, before I go to bed with a lady I know her name?? I quizzically ask. ?Heather? she replies. ?I?m Jack.? Not being embarrassed in the slightest she asks ?are we good to go?? Without waiting for an answer she turns and climbs into bed. With my dick as hard as her nipples I slide in beside her. Heather knows what she wants and takes it. Immediately, she dives down to my dick and starts to blow me. Her flaming red hair frames her emerald green eyes as she looks up at me. This is one hot lady and a great cock sucker. ?Oh my God, that?s terrific? I say as my heart starts to pound and the familiar feeling in my balls tells me this is a great blowjob. ?Heather, slow down or I?ll blow too soon? I plead. She flicks some hair off her face and says ?I want you to cum. Cum in my mouth and then we can fuck all afternoon.? Sliding back down my dick she resumes her skilful actions. Looking into her eyes I see a loving smile as I blow my load deep in to her mouth. Heather swallows everything I gave her. ?Did you enjoy that?? Heather asks licking her lips as she slips herself over my hips. She deliberately slides her dripping pussy along my dick to my face. She offers her most intimate and moist parts to my mouth before settling down. Slipping my tongue through her folds I taste her juicy clit. Slowly and gently I lick from her love tube to her clit and back. Gradually building up the pace and firmness. Heather involuntary starts to grind her clit harder on my tongue. She?s becoming vocal and between her panting she moans, ?Ooooh my god that?s fantastic. Don?t stop. Pleeaase just a little faster. Oh God. Yes.? I know she?s close to her orgasm now. I suck on her clit hard and flick my tongue rapidly over her sensitive bud. That did it. She?s shouting ?Yes. Yes. Oh my god Yes?, over and over. Heather drops down and rolls over pulling me between her thighs. She?s so wet I side in effortlessly. Heather moans as I bottom out. I start a gentle rocking motion as I wait for Heather to recover slightly. She starts bucking her hips encouragingly and smiling at me, ?that was great. It?s been five years since I?ve been with a man. Now you should finish the good job you?ve started.? I didn?t fuck this glorious woman, I made love to her. Feeling every penetration and savouring her cunt gripping my dick. We changed positions a few times and just as I?m tiring Heather proposes, ?I think it?s time to finish me off.? ?Ok, what do you have in mind?? wanting to find out what?s best for her. Heather moves on to her hands and knees and announces, ?This is my favourite but to get me off now you?ll have to really pound my pussy hard.? She lowers her head and braces herself. Heather raises her firm ass and when her pussy lips pout into view I slide back in. I pound that pussy as requested. As I slam into Heather she starts whimpering and clawing at the bed sheets. Her body stiffen and quivers as she cries out ?Oh fuck Yes, Yes, Fuck Yes. OOOOOHHHH.? Her cunt contracts round my dick like a blood pressure sleeve. I?m close to my release as Heather drops down enjoying her own orgasmic shivers. I grip her hips tightly and pound a few more times and erupt. We roll on to our sides and doze as my deflating dick slides out along with our combined juices.We are interrupted from our contented embrace by her phone. It?s obviously one of her daughters. I start to dress and patiently wait for Heather to finish her call. ?Jack, Vicky wants to personally thank you for saving her life. ? Heather says smiling. ?Will you be free tomorrow for lunch?? I nod and the phone call is ended. Watching her getting out of bed naked, I enjoy the sight of her firm body once more. As she approaches Heather says ?I bet you hope Vicky will thank you like I?ve just done?? I don?t answer but that would be too much to expect. I just kiss her one more time and leave.Chapter 2I arrive for lunch and I?m greeted by Mom (Heather) in a thin summer dress. Her bust is shapely but concealed and the skirt length is just above her knees. Very proper! We kiss and as she squeezes my bum I?m invited in. Heather, with her hand still grabbing my ass, introduces me to Vicky and Isabella. They are identical, at least on first inspection. Flaming red shoulder length hair, Vicky with a pony tail and Isabela wearing hers loose. Both girls are dressed in tight tank tops and short skirts in primary colours. I guess they have nickers on but clearly not wearing bras. I extend my hand towards Vicky. Vicky ignores it and gives me a full body hug and a lingering kiss. I?m taken aback with such an affectionate show. I rest my hands on her slim waist and I don?t go exploring. What would you expect considering Mom is watching my every move! Vicky releases me as my dick starts to inflate. Next, Isabella wraps herself tightly around me and also kisses me. Obviously trying to outdo her sister she slips me her tongue. My erection is now complete and Isabella starts to rub her groin against it. Mon steps in and leads me to the dining room. The company and food is great. The sight of the twin?s nipples poking through their tops kept me hard throughout the meal. As the meal was ending Vicky just blurted out ?I understand Mom has already thanked you for what you did for me? I would like the opportunity to thank you as well?? Mom flashed me a quick glance and shy smile. As we all moved to the lounge for coffee I asked Mom ?what have you told Vicky?? She just smiled and offered me the seat next to her daughter. Vicky immediately leans over and starts kissing me ? in front of her twin and Mom! I was out of my depth. My brain said leave but my dick took over. I was initially relieved when Mom interrupted us by saying ?Don?t forget we need to discuss punishment. ?Oh, Ok Mom. Have you spoken to Jack already?? Vicky says passing an awkward situation back to Mom. Heather then explains that if anyone in the household makes a mistake, rude or chores are not done, they are punished. Her husband used to deliver the punishment but since his untimely death she, as head of the house, had the responsibility. If the person to be punished disagrees with the prescribed punishment they could refuse to accept it. The non-negotiable alternative would result in them being grounded for two weeks. As Isabella didn?t help her twin when she need her the most (referring to the choking in the restaurant) she was to be punished. As I did help I could administer the punishment. I didn?t know what to say. Heather asked me if I would do the honours. Not knowing what is expected I nervously said yes. Everyone?s eyes lit up and I immediately began to regret agreeing. Mom told me to bring Isabella and follow her and Vicky to the spare room. Vicky then chimes in by announcing, with a pouting face that ?I want to thank Jack before punishment.? Isabella complains but Mom overrules her. Vicky then shyly asks Mom if we could use her room ? for privacy! Heather gives her consent and Vicky grabs my hand and enthusiastically pulls me to her mom?s bedroom. Vicky giggling like a school girl says ?I?ve been looking forward to this all day.? I?m told to ?strip!? No pleasantries. Just ?strip?. She watch?s me until by erection is fully exposed. She then pulls her top off and I?m told to get on the bed. Vicky waits until I settle and looking me straight in the eyes lowers her skirt. This lovely woman gracefully walks up to the bed, kneels down and starts to blow me. After eyeing up three gorgeous women over lunch and an after dinner kiss, I?ve been ready to blow my load for some time. When I tell her this she stops. I can see thoughts running through her head as she decides how to calm things down but still enjoy herself. I?m told to lie back and let her do all the work. So that?s what I do. She raises my legs into the amazon position, one I?m not used to and Vicky climbs on-board. She begins riding my dick with long steady strokes. Leaning back slightly Vicky rides me exactly the way to stimulate her g-spot and at her favourite speed. I was grateful that her favoured speed is slower that mine. This gives me precious extra minutes to gaze between my legs, watching my dick piercing her lovely pussy. She gracefully bounces up and down, her firm boobs swing freely until I add my support! I pinch her nipples and she responds driving down harder and faster. I can do little in this position but view this elegantly moving woman. I?m very much enjoying being thanked for the second time! All too soon Vicky starts to pant. She?s biting her lower lip and running her hands through her hair. Her chest starts to flush as a deep moan escapes from her luscious lips. She ups the rate further only this time to my favoured pace. Just then she drives down one more time and settles her full weight on my ass. Feeling her pussy spasm is all I need to cum. I shoot spurt after spurt into her young perspiring body. When she feels that my body has finished giving her my seed Vicky lifts herself up. While in this compromising position Vicky watches me intently. With her long toned legs still straddling my upturned ass she squeezes our combing justices out of her pussy all over my dick and balls. Then before allowing me to unfold she rubs our juices over my anus. With a little girl chuckle she says ?maybe we can play differently next time.? We slide together and spoon before Vicky drops off to sleep. Leaving Vicky sleeping with a contented smile, I grab and very girlie dressing gown and return to the lounge to find both Mom and Isabella watching porn. Mom invites me to join them. ?Did you enjoy Vicky?s thank you better than mine?? she asks while taking hold of my deflated dick and slowly stroking it. Being diplomatic I said that ?you were both terrific but different! Isabella looking disappointedly over at us as Mom starts to lick my dick clean. Mom notices the look and tells Isabella ?You will get what you deserve in a little while.? Isabella returns an innocent smile. We three settle down and watch the last 10 minutes of the film. As soon as the credits appear Mom announces that she?s going to wake Vicky and ?we?ll go to the punishment room.? With that Isabella?s face lights the room. Not for the first time I wonder what have I let myself in for! What the hell, I?m having a great time. Chapter 3The room used to be a double bedroom. Today I could see that the bed and other strange contractions were against the walls and in the centre was a set of double standing stocks. It had a step at the front and a high padded bench at the back. Although the bench is height adjustable, it is set currently at waist height, too high to sit on! This strange set of stocks had eyes and straps at various locations. Heather/Mom tells Isabella that her punishment will be six spanks on each cheek with Jacks bare hand. ?Do you accept the punishment?? Isabella readily agrees. Mom then tells her to strip. Isabella never takes her eyes off me while she disrobes. I?m really enjoying the sight of this lovely young woman as she exposes her body. With her tank top removed her tits move to their natural shape. Perfect. As her skirt is unzipped and allowed to fall. She reveals the fact that panties were not worn by either twin. Her pussy is bald except for a small landing strip in the form of the letter I. Isabella?s twin is indeed identical except for the bald pussy. Vicky has a V shape landing strip. Mom seeing my gaze points out that in this way they could not pull any pranks with their boyfriends. I was indeed a very lucky guy to play with both twins and Mom as well. Mom leads Isabella to the stocks. She is bent over the padded bench and her head and arms are locked into position. My erection was becoming painful as I watch this beautiful creature being locked down. Mom now straps her ankles to the bench legs at shoulder width and a strap over her back at waist height. Mom then says that punishment, since her husband?s death, had been carried out totally naked and was I ok with this? I just nod thinking it was just the person being punished. I?m startled when Mom then strips. Moms figure was a little fuller than the twins but still a MILF. Yesterday Mom had a full hairy pussy just trimmed for her panty line. Today the red bush had gone. Vicky rubs my dick which has easily escaped my dressing gown and announces that EVERYONE is to be naked. Mom and Vicky are both smiling at me when Heather announces that I must strip in front of the stocks so Isabella can also see. All three are fixed on me as I slip the robe off. I stand before them stark naked and with the biggest erection I?ve ever sported. ?Jack, when my husband did the punishment he was fully dressed as was the girls and after punishment he would take me to bed and fuck my brains out.? I thought, ?just what I had in mind!? Vicky breaks in ?Yes we could both hear the fucking?. ?As you?re not related ?Heather continues, ?You may enjoy the person being punished, unless they say the word RED. Is that understood? I nod. Vicky asks me not to start until she gets back as she wants to get her toy! ?Heather,? I innocently ask, ?Isabella is in the stocks for not helping Vicky, Yes?? ?Yes, that?s right? she answers immediately without thinking. Her face suddenly changes from one of a question to the realisation that she too should be punished. ?Ok. Then I guess you should be in the stocks beside your daughter, as you didn?t move either?? ?But, but? Mom was franticly trying to find an out. ?What do you think?? I ask looking at Isabella. She eagerly agrees with her little girls laugh. So I motion Mom over to the stocks. I strap her ankles first, a little wider that Isabella?s, around 4 feet. I raise the stocks top and Mom leans over the bench and into the stocks. I lock it down just as Vicky enters the room. Seeing Mom alongside Isabella brought a warm smile on her lovely face. ?Mom why are you in for punishment?? ?Well apparently I didn?t come to your help quick enough either? Heather replied. ?This could be fun? says Vicky as she informs me that this will be the first time that the twins would be present during Mom?s punishment. Vicky also noticed that having two gorgeous women restrained and at my mercy has maintained my healthy erection. Walking up to me she holds my dick in her small warm hand and starts to play with it. I kiss her and she announces that it is punishment time. I stand between two restrained beautiful women as I stroke their pussies, one in each hand. Both are soaking and hot. Vicky sits back and deep throats her toy. I watch as she removes the well coated toy from her mouth and then see it slowly disappear between her pussy?s lips. After a few minutes of watching this solo performance I turn to Isabella and deliver one hard smack on each cheek. Vicky is taking delight in counting. I now take a moment to rub Isabella ass and occasional catching her clit, causing her to whimper. Vicky counts the next set ?three, four?. Taking another break I gently stroke her firm red bum and massage her left tit. Isabella is whimpering more loudly. I tweak her erect nipple as I deliver her final two spanks. Isabella is visibly wet between her legs and trembling. Still holding her nipple I tease her clit and run my fingers through her soaking pussy. Isabella is now pleading for me to release her building orgasm. Vicky walks up to me taking her fingers out of her own pussy and smears my dick with her copious juices. She whispers in my ear that I may like to finish Isabella off with my dick before punishing Mom. Being easily manoeuvred behind her twin, Vicky places my dick at the opening to her twins? pussy. Vicky says ?Go ahead she?s almost there. Enjoy her body. That?s what you want isn?t s*s?? ?Yes, yes just fuck me.? Isabella implores. I gently press forward and watch my dick ease in a very tight cunt. Taking short strokes I coat her juices over my dick. Inch by inch I slide deeper in until Vicky, who has been caressing my ass, penetrates my virgin sphincter. The sudden intrusion induces the reaction Vicky wanted ? I ram the remaining inches in, in one go. Isabella expecting a continuous gently penetration also shuddered and groans. In her case her groans told us all that she was also cumming. The extra juice flowing over my dick allowed me a well lubricated fuck. Vicky still fucking my ass suggested that Mom should be punished before I gained my relief. Agreeing, I dismount and stand on the step for Isabella to clean me off but once again Vicky has other ideas. She moved me in front of Mom. Vicky now points my dick at Heathers lovely mouth ?Mom you always say that you clean better than your daughters. How about cleaning this?? Mom obediently opens her mouth and expertly sucks me clean. I released Isabella from the stocks and take up position behind Mom. Words couldn?t describe the beautiful curves and firm body of this MILF. I stroke her sensitive back and sides. Each teasing caress causing her to pull away, shiver and exhale a soft moan. Then, even though punishment hadn?t started Heather was verbally begging for the first sharp spank across her exposed and vulnerable ass. She stopped breathing when instead of spanking her ass I taped squarely on the pussy. The twins were amazed as Mom first orgasms shook through body. Juices ran down her thighs and Vicky shouts ?Jack. Look Moms leaking. You should put something in to stop it.? They both laughed when Mom groaned as I penetrated that lovey pussy in one thrust. Mom is now begging me ?don?t you dare stop fucking me. Oh YES, YES, FANTASTIC. Oh Fuck I?m nearly cum?? But I did stop. I asked the twins to count each stroke. Happily they counted each sharp spank. ?Five, Six? Vicky said ?punishment is done.? They both look bewildered when I shook my head. ?Not quite.? I delivered five sharp taps on Moms pussy. The result was devastating. Heather was crying and screaming as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. Isabella turn to point at Mom squirting. The twins in unison instructed me to stop the flow again. I put my dick at her love tube and pressed home. With her juices running out of her pussy I slide balls deep in one go. If Heather hadn?t been restrained I would have been thrown off. Mom?s orgasm exploded again as I pounded her hard. Screams from Mom and the twins, egging me on. Had I not blown my load earlier I would have surly cum much earlier. I now pumped her full of my seed and eased out. The twins unlocked the stocks and helped Mom up. She was still shaking uncontrollable as the twins helped her to the lounge to recover. We sat naked totally satisfied and contented.Mom asked if I enjoyed being thanked and if I did would I consider the job as ?fuck buddy? for the family and be responsible for future punishment duties. ?Yes? I said ?but only if all three agree??All three enthusiastically agreed. I can?t wait for the call to attend to my new duties. Sorry this is so long but if you like please say. If not I?m sorry and I would enjoy reading your work to see how to improve.
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