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Stepsister Seduction: Chapter 5: Mom Can't Take it any Longer

Post #1

It's been almost a week since Kelly had had sex with her stepson and daughter. Kelly kept going back to the image of Tim's huge dick, and how full she had felt with his dick deep inside of her. Her pussy tingled every time she thought about it, wanting to feel that full again. But she also knew what she had told them, about it never happened and that they couldn't have sex with each other again. The more Kelly thought about it, the more she realized that she didn't say anything about her and Tim having sex, just Tim and Jenna couldn't.

Kelly smiled to herself with the revelation of that fact, her pussy beginning to tingle and itch for his dick even more. 'Now I just need to get him alone, and convince him into having sex with me again,' she thought to herself as she drove home from work. 'First things first, I need to get some condoms that'll fit him,' she thought, wanting to feel his dick throb and grow inside of her as he came, without the chance of getting pregnant.

Kelly pulled into the local drug store, going directly to the condom section, looking for some big enough to fit his dick. She grabbed some XL and XXL condoms, along with a bottle of KY jelly and went to checkout. As she was checking out, the younger clerk look at Kelly oddly, looking at the condom boxes and KY, then back at Kelly. Kelly smiled at her and said, "it's good to be prepared." The clerk chuckled uneasily, "I guess."

As Kelly drove home, she tried to figure out a way to get Jenna out of the house. She jumped a little when her cell phone started ringing. She picked it up and saw it was John, "hey honey," she said answering. "Hey babe, I got bad news," John said on the other end. Kelly figured it was him having to stay late or something like that, "what's that honey?" John answered, "I gotta go to our other office to fix the network there, and may not make it home tonight." Kelly wanted to scream yes, realizing that eliminated one person tonight, but responded, "ah honey, why do you have to do that?" John lightly laughed on the other end, "now babe, you know I'm the lead IT, and have to do it." Kelly responded, "well ok hun, I guess we'll see you tomorrow then?" John answered, "yeah more than likely." Kelly let out a deep breath, trying to sound disappointed, "ok hun, I love you." John answered, "I love you too babe," and hung up.

Kelly set her phone back down, "yes, yes, yes," she said to herself, knowing she just had to get Jenna out of the house now. As she pulled into the driveway, her mind raced to find a way to get her daughter out of the house. She walked into the house hollering, "Jenna, Tim I'm home."

"Hey mom," Jenna said from the front room. Kelly walked into the front room, "where's Tim at?" Jenna looked back at her, "he's in his room, watching tv or something." Kelly nodded in response, "so what are your plans tonight." Jenna looked at her mom, puzzled, "I don't know, why?" Kelly looked at her sternly, "no reason, was just curious that's all," she hesitated a little and continued, "I thought maybe you'd be going to a friend's or something." Jenna slowly shook her head, "no I wasn't planning on it, but Karen did call me earlier, wanting to come over."

Kelly stood there, trying to quickly find a way to get her out, "how about instead you call her and find out if you can stay over at her house?" Jenna sat back a little, confused, "ok, but why are you trying to get rid of me?" Kelly looked at her daughter, trying to find an answer, "I... I'm not, I just thought maybe you wanted to get out of the house for a while, instead of being cooped up in here all summer." Jenna smiled, "I guess you're right mom, I haven't seen any of my friend's yet this summer."

'Yes!' Kelly thought to herself, 'that was easier than I thought it would be.' Jenna got up and went to the phone calling her friend Karen, "hey Karen, it's Jenna." Jenna listened to Karen, answering, "how about instead of you coming over here, I come stay at your place tonight?" Kelly watched her daughter nod in response to Karen, hoping Karen's parents said yes. "I can? Ok I'll be over in an hour," Jenna said and hung up, looking at her mom, "they said I could stay over tonight."

Kelly felt like being a young girl, and jump up and down with excitement, realizing she was going to get what she wanted, Tim's huge dick. "Ok sweetheart, do you want me to give you a ride there?" Kelly asked solemnly, trying to hide her excitement. "No I'll ride my bike over there," Jenna answered, walking towards her room to get ready.

As Jenna got ready to go, Kelly started preparing something to eat, thinking about how she was gonna get into her stepson's pants, and get his hard dick inside of her, without him suspecting it at first. She didn't want to just come out and tell him to fuck her, 'no I wanna tease him slowly, tease him until he can't control himself, and almost throws himself at me,' she thought, many ideas running through her mind.

After Kelly finished preparing the food, Jenna came skipping into the dining room, lightly giving her mom a peck on the cheek, "bye mom." Kelly looked at her daughter, "you're not gonna stay and eat?" Jenna shook her head quickly, "no Karen's getting pizza." Kelly smiled, "ok sweetheart, have a good time, see you tomorrow," lightly kissing Jenna's forehead. Jenna turned and walked out of the house.

"Tim, dinner's ready," Kelly yelled, getting more anxious and turned on by the second. Tim emerged from his room, wearing loose fitting, blue gym shorts and a white tank top. As he walked into the dining room, he noticed there was only two place settings on the table, "what about dad and Jenna?" Kelly smiled slyly at him, knowing what was about to take place tonight, "well your dad had to go to the other office to fix the network there, and Jenna went to Karen's for the night." Tim raised his head in acknowledgement as he sat down at the table. "I was thinking Tim, do you think that after dinner you could give me your opinion on some new outfits I got?"

Tim looked at her, confused, "umm isn't that my dad's job?" Kelly giggled a little, knowing he had a point, "it is, but he's gone tonight, and we were supposed to do it tonight," she lied, they didn't have that planned, because she hadn't got any new outfits recently.

Tim swallowed his food, replying, "I... I guess I can. How long will it take?" Kelly smiled wide, "it shouldn't take long, I only have 3 or 4 outfits to try on." Her mind racing to determine what outfits she would put on, thinking that the last few outfits would be lingerie, with the final one being pretty revealing.

The two of them continued eating in silence, Kelly looking at Tim and smiling to herself, every once in a while. Tim was the first to finish eating, picking up his plate and taking it to the kitchen, "when do you wanna do that mom?" Kelly smiled, "shortly after I get done eating, I will change quick and come to your room." Tim nodded, heading for his room.

When Kelly finished eating, she quickly went out to her car and retrieved the bag with the condoms and KY. She made her way to her room, looking for a skimpy outfit that Tim hadn't seen her wear before. She finally found one that she hadn't worn in a few months. It was a strapless, red tube dress, that only went below her ass a few inches, and hugged her curves tightly. She quickly changed into the dress, contemplating taking off her soaked panties, but decided that could wait.

Tim was in his room, watching TV, when he heard a soft knock on the cracked open door. "Come in mom, it's safe," he hollered with a laugh. He watched Kelly push his door open and stroll into his room. He swallowed a lump that had grown in his throat as he looked at her. The red dress hugged her body tightly, her nipples poking through it, her cleavage easily visible, as her juicy tits stretched the top, looking like it could easily rip if he barely pulled on it. His eyes moved down her body, the tight dress showing off her, almost hourglass figure, her hips stretching the bottom of the dress out, almost pulling it up enough to give him a view of her panties.

"So what do you think? Think your dad would like this?" Kelly asked, slowly turning herself around, giving him a view of her supple ass. Tim slowly nodded in shock, his dick beginning to slowly rise in his shorts. "Ah does cat got your tongue?" Kelly asked with a giggle, realizing it must be working. Again Tim could only nod, staring at her ass, seeing her panty line showing through. Kelly turned back around and smiled, "are you ok Tim?" Tim slowly nodded, "you look stunning." Kelly giggled, "well thank you." She looked at him, noticing his dick was running down the inner part of his thigh, noticeable against the leg of his shorts. Her pussy tingled as she turned to leave, "ok I'll be right back."

Kelly went back to her room, looking for another skimpy outfit. She found a really short mini skirt, that she hadn't worn in years, she remembered that it barely covered her ass, and showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks at times. She found a black tube top in her dresser, the top covered her tits completely, not showing any of cleavage. She threw them on the bed, and started going through her panty drawer, looking for a thong. When she found a black laced one, she quickly removed her other dress, throwing it on top of her dresser. She pushed her soaked panties down and off, looking down at her neatly trimmed pussy, noticing the lips were a little swollen. She lightly ran her hand over her pussy, rubbing across her swollen clit, causing her to shiver and moan. "Oh my god I need to get his dick inside of me," she said to herself as started pulling her thong on.

Tim was sitting patiently in his room, waiting for his stepmom to return. His dick was fully hard now, straining against his shorts and boxers, as thought about the sight of his stepmom's huge tits and nipples in the dress she was wearing. He also thought about how the dress hugged her curves tightly, showing off her hips and ass. He groaned to himself as he repositioned his erection, trying to make it unnoticeable, moving it up and out of the top of his boxers and shorts, the waistlines hugging his shaft tight as it throbbed.

Just as Tim threw his shirt back over his lap, Kelly knocked again, standing out of sight yet. "Come in," Tim said, moving up, hoping she didn't notice his excitement. Kelly walked into his, wearing the black outfit. Tim lightly groaned to himself as he watched her stroll in. His eyes went directly to her tits, noticing her hard nipples, straining against the to small top. His eyes traveled down her body, going right to her crotch. He had to swallow hard again, and groaned a little louder, when he saw her swollen cameltoe in her thong. The skirt was way to short now, and didn't cover all of her crotch, and rode almost halfway up her ass.

Kelly giggled again, "get your eyes back in your head boy," she said, knowing that this was probably driving him insane, because it was driving her crazy as well. She just wanted to go jump his bones and ride his fat cock right now, but she had one more outfit, that she knew he had never seen, and would drive him over the top.

Tim's dick throbbed hard against his stomach, as he stared at her cameltoe, wanting to grab her and throw her onto the bed and fuck her hard. "Well, what do you think Tim?" Kelly asked, almost laughing at his stare. Tim was in a world of his own at that moment, involuntarily rubbing his swollen dick, slowly nodding at her. Kelly saw him rubbing his crotch, causing her to lightly moan, and her pussy get even wetter. "I take that as a yes, ok one more, then we're done," she said, almost moaning as her pussy tingled more, and her body temperature rose.

As Kelly turned around to leave, Tim got a view of her half moon. He groaned as he saw the strap of her thong riding up her ass crack, his dick throbbing as he rubbed it harder. As she walked out of his room, Tim sat there, coming back to reality, 'oh shit, now I'm gonna have to jack off, or I'll never go soft again,' he thought to himself as he waited for her to return, 'I hope she didn't notice me rubbing myself.'

Kelly went back to her room, knowing she couldn't take it any longer, she had to get his dick in her pussy, now. She shuffled through her lingerie in her closet, looking for the black teddy chemise she had. It was sheer, that was a low cut v-neck teddy, the cut going down just below her belly button. The strips that covered her tits, were not see-through, but had velcro at the top that gave access to her nipples and most of her tits. She pulled it out of the closet, noticing the matching black lace open panel sheer panties was on the hanger. The panties would give him access to her pussy, without having to take them off.

Tim was beginning to get antsy now, wishing his stepmom would hurry up, so then he could jack off to get his hard on to go away. He lifted his shirt up, looking down at his erection, his purple head looking at him, beginning to leak precum, "come on mom, hurry up," he said to himself, throwing his shirt back down, his hard on starting to ache for release.

Kelly put the lingerie on, looking at herself in the mirror, liking how she looked. She went back to her closet, grabbing a robe to cover herself. She put the robe on, grabbed the bag with the condoms and KY, and walked back to Tim's room, setting the bag down, just outside of his room. This time she didn't knock, walking right into his room, hoping she might catch him stroking his beautiful dick.

As Kelly walked into the room, she was a little disappointed when she saw Tim sitting in the middle of his bed, looking at the doorway. She walked up, standing about a foot from his bed, "ok Tim, before I show you this last outfit, you have to promise you will never tell your dad you saw me in this." Tim looked at her and nodded quickly, "I promise."

Kelly slowly began to untie the robe, keeping her eyes focused on Tim, feeling her pussy beginning to leak. After she untied the robe, Kelly began to slowly open it giving him a little striptease, showing him a little at a time.

Tim's eyes widened as he started to see the sheer lingerie. 'Oh my god,' he mouthed, looking at her firm toned stomach. Kelly laughed to herself, knowing he was liking the slow striptease. Tim swallowed hard once again as he saw some of the skin of her D tits through the lingerie, wanting to reach up and touch them.

Kelly smiled at him, watching him lick his lips, as she opened the robe completely, giving him a full frontal view. Tim nervously cleared his throat, his dick throbbing against his shirt now, as he stared at his stepmom, "th... that lo... looks incredible m... mom." Kelly giggled at his stuttering, realizing he didn't know what was happening. She started to take the robe off, turning her body slightly so he couldn't see what she was doing, as she pulled one of the flaps covering her nipple down, exposing it.

Kelly let the robe fall to the floor behind her, turning back to face Tim. Tim's eyes went directly to her exposed nipple, clearing his throat again and shifting nervously on the bed, "umm mom," he groaned, pointing at her nipple. Kelly looked down at her chest, acting like she didn't notice it, "what, what is it?" He continued to point at her exposed nipple, "yo... your showing." Kelly looked at him, trying to look confused, "I... I'm showing, what do you mean?"

Tim swallowed hard, feeling his dick leaking more precum out, "yo... your nipple is showing." Kelly looked at him in shock, "my nipple's showing," she gasped, covering her tits. Tim chuckled uneasily, "I think dad will really like that one." Kelly stood there, looking at him lustily, holding her tits, "what makes you say that," almost a moan, as she moved closer to his bed. Tim watched her move closer, moving back a little, "well easy access to your nipples, for one."

"Mmm hmm," Kelly moaned, moving her hands from her tits, slowly crawling onto his bed, "anything else?" She asked, sliding a hand up his leg, feeling him shiver. Tim looked at his stepmom's exposed nipple again, frozen in place, as he felt her hand sliding up his leg. "Oh my god Tim, I can't control myself anymore, I need your huge cock inside of me," she moaned, sliding her hand over his shorts, finding his thick member under them, staring at his eyes.

Tim stared back at his stepmom, feeling her hand rubbing his dick. "Oh god," he groaned, laying back on his bed, letting her do what she wanted, not even thinking about what she had said a week ago. Kelly pushed his shirt up, exposing the fat head of his dick, "oh my god," she whispered, sliding her hand up the entire length of his dick, relishing the thickness and length of his dick, moving her legs over his legs.

Tim lifted his head, looking down at Kelly, as she stuck her tongue out and touched tip of it against the underside of his exposed shaft, lightly running it up to the head of his dick, causing him to shudder and groan loudly, reaching down and running his hand through her hair. Kelly flicked her tongue against the underside of his head, as she started to tug at his gym shorts and boxers, feeling his dick throb against her tongue. "Oh fuck mom," Tim groaned, feeling more turned on than ever before.

Kelly continued to tug at his shorts, Tim lifting his ass up off the bed, allowing her to pull them down, freeing his raging hard on. Kelly pulled his shorts and boxers down to his mid-thighs, pulling her tongue away and looking up at Tim with a sly smile. Tim looked at his stepmom with lust, his dick throbbing up at her, not wanting her to stop.

"I think you need to get my pussy ready for that huge cock first," she lustily moaned, moving up his body. Tim looked at her, wondering what she meant, his dick throbbing, ready to go in her pussy now. Kelly moved up until her pussy hovered over his chest, she looked down at him and smiled wider, she opened the panel that covered her pussy, exposing her trimmed pussy to him. Tim groaned when he smelled her excitement wafting from her, looking down at it as she moved closer to his face. "Ever eaten a pussy before Tim?" Kelly moaned, looking down at him.

Tim looked up at his stepmom and shook his head, his dick throbbing as the sweet scent from her pussy got stronger. Tim could see her swollen clit sticking out from her slightly agape, swollen lips as her pussy got closer to his mouth. Kelly looked down at him, "there's a first time for everything, show me how much you want in my pussy," she moaned, pushing her pussy against his mouth.

Tim jumped a little when her pussy was shoved against his mouth, taking him by surprise. Kelly started gyrating her hips, feelings his nose rubbing against her sensitive clit, "oh god, eat my pussy Timmy," she moaned, grinding her pussy against his face. Tim opened his mouth, her juices immediately entering his mouth, giving him his first taste of pussy ever. It tasted a little salty and sour, yet sweet, as he sucked at her juices, not sure what to do. "Ohhhhh," Kelly moaned, her body trembling above him, rubbing her clit harder against his nose.

Tim stuck his tongue out, trying to push it into his stepmom's hole. Kelly moaned louder when she felt his tongue entering her pussy, "oh god Tim, yes tongue fuck my pussy, make mommy cum all over your face." Tim was moaning into her pussy, as he moved his tongue around inside of her, feeling her muscles squeeze at his tongue, more of her wetness running into his mouth.

Kelly's body began tremble and jump more every time his nose rubbed against her clit, feeling her orgasm building quickly. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she moaned continuously, running her hand over the top of his head, running it through his hair. Tim moved his tongue in and out of her pussy, his mouth filling with even more of her juices as she got even wetter. Tim pulled his tongue out of her pussy, sucking on her pussy, savoring her juices. Kelly moved her hips down, when she felt him sucking on her pussy, until he sucked her clit into his mouth, sending her over the edge.

Kelly's orgasm shot from her clit, throughout her entire body. She pulled on his hair, trying to pull him harder into her pussy, as she moaned loudly, "ohhhh I... I'm cumming, fuck yes, suck my pussy," her body violently trembling on top of him. Tim groaned into her clit, sending her orgasm higher, as he felt her juices run down his chin and neck. Kelly pulled on his hair harder, her trembling shaking the bed as she came.

Kelly released the grip on his hair, falling against the wall in front of her, breathing heavily, her body still trembling, as her orgasm faded, Tim continuing to suck on her clit. "Oh my god Tim, that was incredible, are you sure you've never done that before," she moaned, out of breath. She slowly rolled off of him, laying down next to him, facing him.

Tim looked at her with a smile, his face glistening with her juices, "I've never done that before, I swear, but I can't wait to do it again," he said. Kelly smiled at him with love, "are you ready to fuck me now?" Tim nodded vigorously, slowly getting up and rolling on top of her, looking her in the eyes. "Wait, before you do, there's a bag in the hallway, go get it," Kelly said, pushing him back.

Tim groaned in disgust, rolling off of her and standing next to the bed. He slid his shorts and boxers down the rest of the way and kicked them aside. He went out to the hallway and found the bag there, he retrieved it and looked inside. 'What do we need these for?' He thought to himself, as he closed it and walked back into the room.

Kelly watched his dick bounce and sway as he walked towards the bed, licking her lips as she slowly sat up. "That's so you can cum with your dick in me, without the chance of me getting pregnant," she said, looking at his confused look. Tim stood next to the bed, handing her the bag, "I see," he replied, thinking back to last weekend, when he had overfilled Jenna's pussy, 'can she get pregnant?' He shrugged his shoulders as looked down at his stepmom, watching her pull out a box of condoms.

Kelly looked at the box of condoms, then back at Tim's huge cock standing straight up. She could see his precum leaking out of the tip, beginning to run down the head. She looked up at him and smiled, reaching out and wrapping her hand around his veiny shaft, "first things first," she whispered, pulling his dick towards her.

It took Tim by surprise when she tugged on his dick, his midsection moving forward before his feet and upper body. He looked down at Kelly as she pulled his dick down, opening her mouth and quickly engulfing the head of his dick. Tim threw his head back and groaned loudly, "ohhhhh," when he felt her hot mouth engulf the head of his dick. Kelly moved her hand to the base of his dick, as she slid her mouth down the shaft of his thick shaft, moaning into his dick. Tim's body shivered as his hips involuntarily jerked forward, sending the head of his dick into her throat. Kelly choked when his fat head slammed into her throat, spittle flying out and landing on his pelvic area.

Tim laid a hand on the back of her head, looking down at her, only 3" of his dick not in her mouth. Tim completely lost it at that moment, "oh fuck mom, suck my fat cock," he groaned, feeling her tongue rubbing across the bottom of his shaft. Kelly slowly began to move her head back, sucking hard on his dick as it exited her mouth. "Ohhhh fffuuuccckkk!" Tim groaned, his body shuddering with pleasure, finding it hard to keep from cumming right there.

Kelly pulled her mouth completely off of his dick, slowly stroking it with her hand, looking up at Tim, "someone like that?" She asked with a sultry giggle. "Oh fuck mom, that feels amazing," he groaned, looking down at her. Kelly chuckled as she held his dick up and moved her head towards his ball sack, flicking her tongue against the wrinkled sack. Tim's hips jerked back, as she flicked her tongue quickly against his ball sack, sending all kinds of new sensations through him. "Mmm," she moaned, as ran her tongue up the underside of his dick, all the way up to the head, his dick throbbing hard as she tickled the spot just below the head with her tongue.

Tim's groans grew even louder, as he felt his cum boiling in his balls, his hips gyrating slowly, "oh fuck mom, I'm gonna cum if you don't stop." Kelly pulled her tongue away, smiling at him, "ahh, someone wants to fuck my pussy huh?" Tim looked at her, slowly nodding. Kelly smiled wider, grabbing the box of XL condoms, opening the box and pulled one out.

Tim watched her intently as she opened the package and pulled the condom out. Kelly smiled at him as she put the condom on the head of his dick and slowly unrolled it down his shaft, leaving about an inch of his dick left. "Oh my god, you are big," Kelly giggled, "the condom doesn't even fit you."

Tim looked down at his covered dick, the black condom was stretched tight over his dick, his head looking ready to break the end. Kelly laid back on the bed, her ass at the edge, spreading her legs apart and holding them up, as she reached down and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. "Ok Timmy, come on and fuck me, I want to feel your monster cock inside of me," she said, lightly rubbing her clit with her forefinger.

Tim stared at her open pussy, slowly moving over her. He held his dick steady, guiding it towards her entrance. When Kelly felt the head of his dick brush against her pussy, she moaned loudly, grabbing his dick and lining it up with her hole. Tim steadily pushed his hips forward, Kelly's pussy expanding around his dick, welcoming it in. "Ohhhh yes," Kelly moaned, moving her hand away and holding her legs up.

Tim groaned loudly as sank his dick fully inside of his stepmom's pussy, "ahhh." It felt different to him, with the condom on, he could still feel her pussy squeeze his dick, but he noticed his head wasn't as sensitive. Kelly looked up at him, gritting her teeth and commanding him, "fuck me Tim, fuck your mommy hard." Tim slowly began to withdraw his dick, watching her pussy cling to his covered shaft, "oh fuck mom, I can't believe I'm fucking you again," he groaned softly.

Kelly laid her head back moaning, "just shut up and fuck me," enjoying the feeling of being full again. Tim pulled back until he could see the glans of his head, then slammed his hips back into her, driving his dick deep inside of her, grunting. "Oh yes, fuck your dick is huge," Kelly groaned in pleasure. Tim started moving his hips back, then slamming back into her forcefully, grunting loudly.

Tim put his hands on the back of her thighs, pushing her legs against her body, fucking her harder and faster with each stroke. Kelly was moaning louder, not liking the feeling of the condom on his dick, but liking him pretty much pile driving her, "yes Tim, fuck me, cum for me, cum for mommy." Tim had sweat dripping off of his face as he pounded his stepmom's pussy as hard as he could, "I'm trying, I'm trying," he groaned, feeling his balls tightening against his body. Kelly used her hands to push her feet over her head, locking her ankles together over her head. Tim almost completely stopped his movements, amazed at his stepmom's flexibility.

Kelly moaned louder, feeling his dick rub harder against her g-spot, "ohhh I'm gonna cum again Tim, make me cum again pleaseeee." Tim's dick began to swell inside of her, getting ready to release its load, "ahhh I'm gonna cum mom, I'm gonna fucking cum," he groaned out. "Yes cum Timmy, that's it cum for me," Kelly moaned, almost yelling.

Tim slammed into her one more time, holding his dick deep inside of her as it throbbed hard. He threw his head back in pleasure, "ahhhhh." Kelly started rubbing her clit as he started cumming. She felt his dick grow even bigger and throb, as she felt a warm rush enter her pussy, 'oh my god, he's cumming in me, oh fuck the condom broke,' she thought, as his dick throbbed again and more cum entered her pussy. She tried to push him back out, as he slowly moved his hips forward and back, filling her with his virile seed, "pull out Tim, you're cumming in me," she exclaimed in shock. Tim quickly moved his hips back, withdrawing his dick as it throbbed one last time and leaked cum onto her gaping pussy.

Kelly moved her legs back down, looking down at Tim's dick and saw the end of the condom was gone, his dick still leaking a little bit of cum as it softened. Kelly fell back on the bed, "oh shit," she said to herself, realizing she was at the right time of the month to get pregnant. She had to admit, it felt amazing to feel his thick member throbbing and shooting into her, but now she could become pregnant from her stepson.

Tim stood there, looking down at his stepmom's gaping pussy, his cum oozing out and collecting in her panties. "I... I'm sorry, I... had no idea." Kelly lifted her head to look at him, "I know Tim, we didn't know until it was to late." Tim sat down on the edge of the bed, laying back next to her. "Well if I get pregnant, you'll be a daddy, but we can make your dad think he is, I'll just have to have sex with him this weekend," Kelly said, looking at him.

Tim gave her a half smile, "yeah. Hey what was that lube in the bag for?" Kelly chuckled, "oh that was for just in case?" Tim looked at her, puzzled, "just in case of what?" Kelly laughed, "in you would go longer, I was..."

Kelly was interrupted, "Tim, mom?" Came Jenna's voice from the doorway.

To be continued. What was mom gonna say? Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism please.
08-04-2022, at 01:18 AM

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