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Shopping Spree

Post #1

Shopping SpreeSome good friends had invited me to go away with them for the weekend. We were travelling by yacht to a secluded beach to relax, eat drink and be merry.I decided to spoil myself and pick up a new swimming costume and maybe check out some hot underwear. On arrival to my favourite swim/sports and underwear shop I was met be a rather cute, masculine and quite fit guy. Tall, dark brown hair, olive skin and on first glance everything appeared to be in the right place. I explained what I was after and before long I?d found a couple of hot looking swimmers to try on and a handful of sexy underwear as well. As I headed toward one of the dressing rooms, asked my assistant if I could try them, when suddenly I remembered that I was wearing my favourite G string. Not appropriate to trying swimmers I thought. He, however wasn?t all that concerned. ?A bit of bare ass never hurt anyone?, he remarked. Especially one as hot as yours. Throwing me the cheekiest of grins. He made me feel hot. The G I had on was not a simple waist band and string splitting my firm round cheeks in two. The pouch in front was black lace and fine elastic, I was feeling pretty hot before I left home this morning and unusually, I slipped my firm black rubber ring around my balls and cock, bunching them nicely under the lace. The thin , but strong elastic strap at the back was short and such that when you pulled the waistband into position around the hips it lifted my cheeks and parted them so that they looked firm and really fuckable. My ass has always been popular.Although my G look quite good through the first pair of swimmers, a slightly oversized white pair. My handsome man suggested I lose them and try the swimmers again as I would wear them on the beach. I?d barely uttered the words, ?are you sure?, when he reached in behind the curtain, snatched, both the swimmers and my G and reefed them down to the top of my thighs. He looked at me as I looked over my shoulder at him. Then without hesitation he fingered his own mouth and pushed his wet digit as deep as he could into my hole. Fingering me now as if it were his hole. He said, ?now tell me when you have your new swimmers back on, so I can assess them?. Leaving me standing behind the curtain. Saliva now oozing it?s way from my hole and down my inner thigh. As quickly as possible I dropped both garments, stepped back into the swimmers and hiked them back up to my hips. He called out. ?How are you going??! ?Pretty good I think?. They were a slightly loose fit, but they did look good. He stood in the open curtain, with a doubled over terry toweling strap in one hand. The kind you might see used as a belt on a robe. Occasionally he slapped his other hand with it. Then surprisingly he called over another man. A fair skinned strawberry blonde with freakles and strong arms. ?What do you think?! He barked. Turning me around to face the wall. Without a sound the new man grabbed a fistful of my swimmers from the back. Pulled up with all the strength he could muster until my loose fitting swimmers were now jammed tight in my crack. Wrapping my cheeks as though they were painted on. On tippy toes I struggled to keep balance and then as a final gesture my new friend rammed his two largest fingers into my now moist hole. Lycra and all. ?There you go?, he said. I love a piggy slut in tight speedos.Trying to re-gather myself. Standing normally I hooked both of my thumbs into the rear waistband of my new swimmers in an effort to free them from my hole. When suddenly, both of my elbows were grabbed and held together behind my back. I knew straight away what was install for me. The soft cotton rope I?d seen minutes before was now being tied tightly around my elbows and snaked it?s way down to my wrist where it was tied off forming a rope handle. The terry toweling gripping so tightly that it would need to be cut if I were to be free again. Swimmers removed, bent over the dressing room stool. A dark pair of speedos were quickly fashioned into a makeshift hood. Another pair, scrunched into a ball and tasting well worn filled my mouth. My legs now spread wide apart and tied off securely. There were other straps or soft ropes tied from some sort of collar and my arms at the back. I could no longer remember the room in detail, but I seemed almost suspended on tippy toes. My hole now presented at the perfect pounding height. Just to make sure, what felt like gaffer tape had been plastered to the inside of my crack. Two long strips. Well below the hips and pulled away from each other and taped firmly to the outside of my firm cheeks. Ensuring that my hole was open for business.I could hear voices a lot of voices. People calling others on the phone. It was Friday. Perhaps they were closing early for the weekend. I was bound gagged and blindfolded. Spread open to be used at will, but why.... oh there it is. A damp and familiar smelling cloth held below my nose. I know that... OHHH!! As the aroma was taking effect something big and rock hard was rammed into me. Relentlessly, selfishly. Really big. Lube was pouring around the rod. Flowing. Thank god! Just then then garment stuffed in my mouth was removed. A big fat mushroom head stretched and gagged me. Two holes no waiting. Tears and saliva flowed, mixing with snot. At the same time the pace was picking up in my popular hole. The first fucker was ready to blow. He pounded hard. He howled and for a moment seemed to speak in tongues. He exploded. Still firm he withdrew on the first shot. Then it dawned on me. This was to allow the next in line to drive in deep. Using the first mans juices while he blew every drop. Man two withdrew for only a couple of seconds to allow the last of number ones cum to fill me. It squelched as two rammed his tool back in for more.... Is it possible? Am I right? Is he bigger than number one. Definitely longer. Pounding without consideration.... It was going to be a long day/night.God I love being a slut
04-15-2021, at 01:58 PM

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