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I just got lucky and sucked and got fucked by a n

Post #1

I just got lucky and sucked and got fucked by a nLike the title says I just got lucky and sucked and got fucked by a nice big back black cock.I had to take a road-trip down to Alabama without my wife, so when I was packing I grabbed my special bag with all my sexy clothing and stuff just in case. I am sure glad I did, because I got lucky and found a nice black cock with a respectable 8 inches long and good thickness. It was not huge like some stories always describe I grabbed a cheap hotel for the night somewhere near Birmingham. I looked around and there was really nothing to do near the hotel so I jumped online to the best replacement for Craigslist personals (RIP) and i found a few ads on double list looking for a gurl like me, I answered 3 promising ads and got responses from 2 pretty quick both were younger black men with nice looking cocks. I set something up with guy number 1 and took a shower and got all dressed up (see the picture I just posted to my my gallery called October 2019) I put on some lace panties, black pantyhose, short black skirt, red blouse, my fuck me pumps, brown wig and did my make up,He kept emailing back putting me off so I finally just told him never mind when he ask if I would pay his gas money. I told him I am sorry but I am not going to do that I emailed guy number 2 and he was still interested and said he could be to me in 10 minutes. I gave him the room number and told him the door would be unlatched. Right on time he opens the door to finf me on the bed waiting.He walks over without saying a word and drops his shorts and pulls my head to it. I love a man that knows what he wants and will take it, Like a good gurl I sucked him and did some nice deep throating till he stops me and tells me to get on my knees. I obey him like the good gurl and hand him some lube and a condom, I love the feeling of a man pushing my skirt up and pulling my panties down. Laying there with my ass exposed to this man I only met 20 minutes ago while he pours lube on my and positions my legs to where he wants is so exciting. Knowing any moment I will have his cock deep in me is enough to make me almost cum without touching my cock. Then finally I feel it, His cock is rubbing up and down my crack till it hits the hole and with no warning he sticks it in at least 4 inches on the 1st stroke and then after 3 or 4 he is fully in and slamming me hard. I am at his mercy and I know that there is no way he is stopping til he cums. With each thrust I get closer and closer to cumming myself. His pace starts to quicken and he starts pushing my head in the pillow. He tells me he is about to cum and I tell him to give it to me and breed my sissy ass. That set him off and with one more solid deep thrust he holds it and tells me he is cumming. I am laying there face down still shaking from the fucking he just gave me while he pulls his rubber off and gets dressed and leaves without ever saying anything else. I am laying here still dressed writing this post while checking ads for anyone else that wants to come visit me, Hopefully I will have a part 2 for this post sometime tonight.
04-15-2021, at 01:58 PM

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