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Security guard blackmails the shy innocent housewi

Post #1

Security guard blackmails the shy innocent housewiAt about 10.30AM, Afzal the security guard of the Prestige twin towers rang the door bell of Umesh Jain?s flat on 9th floor after seeing Umesh Jain?s car leaving the apartment building parking lot. Meera Jain, the wife of Umesh Jain who had almost finished her bath, was about to dress up heard the door bell ring. She thought that her husband might have come back, quickly put on her nighty (Indian ladies night dress) without bothering to wear her inner wears and hurriedly came to the main door. Meera Jain opened the door and looked at the familiar 40 plus year old security guard standing at the door with question in her eyes. Afzal looked at the 26 year old innocent young beautiful wife of Umesh Jain with lust in his eyes. Meera Jain was a hot sexy lady in the entire apartment block, fair coloured with 34C boobs, slim waist, 36 round ass and well toned legs.?What do you want,? Afzal came to his senses when he heard Meera?s voice.?Mind if I come in for a moment Madam, I need to show you a video,? Afzal said with a straight voice even though he was shivering in fear as he didn?t know how she was going to react what he was going to show to her and what he was going to ask her.The Meera innocently allowed him in and asked,? What do you want to show me.?Afzal pushed the front door with his legs and fibbled with his mobile key pad and when the video came on screen he was searching for, he held the mobile screen to Meera.Meera Jain unsuspecting looked at his mobile screen with curiosity, but was aghast on seeing her bathing nude video in her bathroom on the screen. She looked at him with anger and fear in her eyes and shouted at him,? Bastard..why did you my video? Wait let me call my husband right now.?Saying she was about to go to her room to fetch her mobile but stopped when she heard the security guard.?Ok call your husband Madam, before he calls the police, your nude bathing videos will be all over the internet and in all porn websites titled, I have lots of videos of yours like these in my mobile.? Hot young wife bathing nude? you want me to do that.? Afzal said with sarcasm in his tone.Few days back around 8PM in the night, Afzal was searching for a quiet place to smoke a cigarette, and he was in a corner of a waste water duct and he saw light from one of the bathroom. Curiously he peeped in the bathroom and saw Meera taking her bath in nude. She was young woman with a sexy body unlike his fat old wife of his in his native in West Bengal. Meera had the habit of taking bath in the evenings to be fresh for her husband. Afzal quickly opened his mobile camera and began filming the young lady taking bath while he was enjoying himself her beauty. As he was always on night shift, this became his every day routine of peeping into Meera?s bathroom and to take videos of her. He was staying alone in Bangalore with his wife and k**s in a rural village in West Bengal. Afzal was a sex starved man and was quenching his thirst by masturbating watching the young Meera taking bath. He had booked a train ticket to go his native the next night, and before going back he wanted to enjoy the lady whom he had been fantasizing. He had come prepared for everything today as he knew he won?t be coming back to Bangalore again. Meera looked at him pleadingly and asked,? what do you want it much?Afzal smiling replied,? I don?t want your money Memsab, you know I am a lonely man..I .....I just want to spend some time with you, I know your husband is in the office and won?t be coming till late in the night.?Meera was stunned on hearing him,? WHAT DID YOU SAY??I said I want to spend some time. ok let me straight,...I want to see your sexy nude body in close up and I will decide later what I want.??BASTARD......what is there to see again when you have already seen like a peeping coward.? Meera hissed at him.?Come on madam, I have seen how you were fingering your pussy while taking bath, no newly married women play with herself....your husband must not be able to satisfy you or you should be one horny slut.? Afzal replied back smiling.Meera felt like the floor caved beneath her as the security guard hit her on the right spot. Her husband, Umesh whom she had married two years back was not able to satisfy her sexual urges. But in spite of that she never cheated on her husband and was faithful to her husband.?Cut the bullshit, you bastard...what do you want me to do to give me your mobile memory card to me,? Meera asked him meekly with a defeat in her tone.Afzal knew that he had the horny bitch, ?My cock is giving me lots of pain after I saw your nude body, so suck and please him with your mouth and I won?t be troubling you once again as I am leaving for my village tonight.? And he showed her the train tickets to assure her, ?If you are not willing, then I have come ready for everything today, as I am leaving Bangalore tonight. Just please me once and you can have my memory card as a gift to you.?Meera couldn?t believe her ears; the bastard was asking her to suck his cock which she even hadn?t done to her husband. Afzal without waiting for her response removed his t-shirt over his head revealing his well toned body to her. He quickly opened the zipper of his pants and pulled out his cock.Meera was shocked and frightened on his dareness and was more shocked on seeing his cock, it was a very big one and it was almost 7 inches in length and was very thick too unlike her husband?s pitiful 4? cock. Afzal held his cock in his hands and began to shake it vigoursly and to Meera?s horror it was growing more and now it stood at almost to 10 inches and what worried her was its girth.?Look Memsab, how it is throbbing for you, please it once and I will give my mobile?s memory card to you.? Afzal said shamelessly to the panic stricken young house wife. He removed the memory card from his mobile and showed it to Meera, You can have it when you please me.?Meera now was sobbing and with a pleading voice she asked him,? Will you give me the card once I please you and make you comes.??Yes I will,? Afzal said with a victory smile on his face.Meera dropped down to her knees and her face in front of his mammoth 10? cock and was about to hold his big cock in her tiny hands when she heard him saying,? Let?s do it in your room madam.?Meera got up conceding defeat and asked him to follow her. Afzal quickly locked the front door and almost ran to her bedroom.Afzal went to her room and Meera Jain too followed him like a zombie. He stripped of his remaining clothes and went and laid on her sprawling bed. Afzal?s body stood out against the white background of her bed. He was lying nude on her bed grinning at her in lust, his hands behind his head. His 10? giant cock was still hard and his testicles were so large they were splayed out on the bedspread. "What kind of a monster you have got between your legs, you bastard?""I'm just a horny man who want a woman?s pussy to fuck," replied Afzal." said you want me to suck you ugly thing....What do you want from me?""First suck me to release my pain and we will see later what to do," he said holding his cock out so that it proudly rose into the sky."Can?t you understand that I'm married.""Not after your husband and the whole world sees these pictures. If you give me your body for one time, you can have my memory card with your videos and pictures," he said waving the memory card to her.Meera really didn't have much choice. If he showed her husband the pictures and worst if he uploaded the video on internet, he would divorce her, her parents would disown her, she'd lose all her friends, and the worst thing of all, she'd be destitute. "What do you want me to do?" she asked thinking of ways to snatch the memory card from him."Remove you dress and come and suck my cock."Afzal ordered her.?YOU FUCKING BASTARD? Meera hissed at him angrily.With no alternative to get away from this creepy bastard, Meera nodded and removed her nighty to expose her body to the 40 year old guard. She had never done this before, but if she could get him off, he'd be done with her and leave. This ordeal could all be over in five minutes. "Promise me that you won't cum in my mouth.""Let me see and you're in no position to make any demands," he said, "but I promise."Meera kneeled on the bed between his legs and wrapped her hand around the thick shaft near the base of his cock. She looked at his penis with it's dark blood-engorged head. She had no idea where to start. She finally decided to lick it like a lollipop and then suck on it.Afzal looked over at the mobile camera and winked. He had angled it to capture all the action on the bed. He had also zoomed one camera in on his crotch to get close-ups of the action. Meera stuck her tongue out and tasted a penis for the first time in her life. She licked around the head and decided it really wasn't that bad as she had thought. She stretched her mouth open wide around the head and she decided it needed more lubrication, so she started licking again."Suck on my balls memsab," he ordered.Meera had no choice but to obey the blackmailer bastard. She let his cock plop back against his stomach and she bent down further to kiss his balls. She tried to suck them into her mouth, but they really were almost the size of cricket balls."Enough," he barked, "now suck on my cock," Afzal said partly for the video, partly because he liked ordering the innocent Marwari lady.Meera automatically leaped to obey his command. Much to her disgust her body was responding to what she was doing. Meera?s nipples were hard and rubbing against his thighs. The area between her legs was gushing and fluid was running down her thighs.Afzal watched her head bobbing up and down several inches of his cock and said, "You enjoying your first taste of a big cock?"Damn him, but in a way she was. It was challenging to see how much of this monster cock she could take. She decided to separate Afzal's "cock" from her husband's small penis. She had never sucked on another man's penis or been unfaithful to her husband. She was being blackmailed to suck on a cock and as it was so different from a penis, it shouldn't count as infidelity. Besides, oral sex wasn't cheating and if she could just make him orgasm, her ordeal would be all over.Meera started sucking hard and fast to get this over with. She considered every inch a challenge and she had managed to swallow about six inches in twenty minutes. Her jaw was sore as she pulled her mouth off and asked, "Aren't you close to come, yet?""Not yet, memsab."Meera couldn't believe he had this kind of stamina to with-hold at this age. She must suck at this so bad that he didn't feel anything. She redoubled her efforts pushing more of his cock down her throat and stroking the remaining three inches with her hand.Afzal saw her boobs dangling down her chest like apples, couldn?t control himself, so he brought his hands forward and took both her gorgeous breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard. Meera was taken aback when he began assaulting her boobs like a maniac, but thought otherwise, if it helps him cum early so be it. And moreover she was enjoying his rough big hands on her firm boobs which her timid hubby never bothered to attend to.She continuously sucked on his cock for another twenty minutes, resting every couple of sucks, but continuing to lick around the big mushroom cock head as she caught her breath. She went down on him again and had 8 inches down her throat when she found herself gagging and she tried to suppress it. It felt like his cock was swelling even bigger.Meera's free hand slid under his big, heavy balls and cupped them. His balls were moving back and forth, tightening up and pumping. She realized he was about to orgasm.Meera had seven inches in her mouth and was sliding the rest out when she felt him orgasm. At first she felt nothing, but his cock jerked and she could swear she felt the pee-slit opening in her throat. Next, a big wad of hot cum struck the walls of her throat and slid into her belly. Cum continued to explode from the end as the cock left her throat and slid into her mouth. Afzal's black snake continued to spit its venom so fast that her mouth filled with sperm and she was forced to swallow in order to breath. It filled again and she pulled her mouth off the tip of his cock and swallowed again, his warm cum dribbling down her chin.Meera?s young breasts were crushed under his big palms and his semen continued to fly from the end of his cock, covering her face with his semen and not knowing what else to do, she clamped her mouth back over the tip. She was surprised that it didn't taste all that bad, good even, but the sheer amount of it was overwhelming. Her belly was filling so fast, she wouldn't have to forfeit her lunch. Afzal's first wad had been more than her husband orgasmed in a year?s time and she could still feel his balls pumping semen.His orgasm probably lasted over a minute, but Meera had lost all sense of time. Still, she felt triumphant at making Afzal's cock explode and she wished she could try this on her husband, but she wouldn't dare even suggest it. "Can I please have the memory card now?" she asked after reluctantly taking her mouth off his cock." I haven?t even begun yet, memsab."What the hell is he talking about? She thought, watching him stand up off the bed. He shouldn't be able to get another erection for at least a week. He stood before her on his knees and she felt something poking her in her belly button and she looked down and was horrified to see his cock was still hard and fat. It had only shrunken a couple of inches."You ever got your pussy eaten before?""No," she replied timidly, not quite sure what he was talking about, but her eyes opening wide as she took a guess.She yelped when Afzal pushed her back over the bed on her back and his big hulking body kneeled between her legs.Meera's legs were spread open forcibly as she tried to close them, but Afzal easily held them apart. She realized he was getting a view of her vagina that only her gynaecologist had seen before. She shuddered as she thought of how unpleasant visits to her gynaecologist were. Why would anyone want to do this? What kind of sick pleasure would Ike get from probing her vagina like a gynaecologist?That was it, she thought, she would just have to behave like she did on visits to the gynaecologist?s office and think about something else. The memory card was lying next to the bed. She thought if she could get away from this bastard. Then she had a real scary thought. He lied about coming in her mouth, maybe he was lying about giving her the memory card too? Meera?s train of thought was interrupted when something touched the area between her legs and her body spasmed. Afzal had caught her off guard. Now where was I, she thought. Yes, if I could grab the card, I could lock myself in a room and call the police or her husband...Her body spasmed again. She couldn't help it, and she concentrated on what he was doing for a second. Afzal's tongue was gently poking between her labia. As she wandered what he was doing down, his tongue licked up her labia and her body spasmed again. Her nerve endings were tingling and she realized this wasn't invasive like a trip to the gynaecologist. But the bastard was making her feel good in a pleasant way which she had never experienced in her entire life.Afzal started licking his tongue up and down her vagina and Meera found her crotch rising and lowering along with his tongue. He paused for a minute and held his head away from her spread legs. Meera desperately wanted him to go back to what he was doing.Afzal held his head back so that the video would get a good picture of her pretty little pussy spread open for him. He continued to take the occasional picture of her lovely pussy.Afzal returned his head between her thighs. She wrapped her long legs around his head and locked her ankles, so that he couldn't back away again. Soon he was licking up and down her labia again and she was pushing down with her legs trying to get more of his tongue into her. He changed his tactics and licked back and forth across her labia and her body spasmed again.Meera looked down between her breasts and saw Afzal was staring back up at her. She felt him grin against her vagina and then he was licking up her labia again with his tongue struck out. This time his tongue flicked her clit and she found herself humping his tongue. Her stomach was undulating up and down and she was moaning. His tongue swirled once around her clit and she writhed in ecstasy. She felt something building up in her womb and the intensity of it frightened her. Then it was gone.Afzal had pulled his mouth off her pussy and he smiled at the expression of horror on her face. "What's wrong?" he asked."N-nothing," she replied. "Why did you stop?" Her vagina was screaming for more of his tongue, but she was too proud to beg."I thought I'd stop now," he said hearing her squeal in terror. "What's wrong, slut? Not ready for me to stop. Ask me and I will give you.""Don't stop licking me.""Say it properly." he asked grinning."Please lick me," she said squirming."Beg me to eat your pussy.""Please eat my pussy......pleaseeeee........ eat my pussy," She said, then sighed when his tongue returned to her pussy. What was happening to her? She was begging a 40 year old muslim man to eat her pussy. She just smiled. Just like there was a difference between a cock and a penis, there were two things between her legs. Her vagina and her pussy. Her vagina was for her husband, but her pussy liked being licked even if it was by a man who was blackmailing her. The strange feeling in her womb had returned. It felt charged like the atmosphere did just before a storm broke. Afzal's tongue was licking circles around her clit and her pelvis was thrusting into his face like crazy. And then the storm broke.Her pussy spasmed and it felt like a series of firecrackers went off deep in her belly. Meera wanted to scream, but only a squeal of pleasure escaped her lips. Her eyes rolled up in her head and her body tensed up, then it collapsed back onto the bed.She had orgasmed. Meera thought that she had orgasmed once with her husband, but she was wrong. This was her first. Never had her body felt such pleasure, but instead of feeling happy, she felt horrible. This man had humiliated her. He had given her something her husband never had and never could. She started to cry.Meera thought he would leave now that he had humiliated her and got his wish, but instead she felt something poking at her pussy and sliding into her. He was sticking his giant black cock into her and something deep inside her wanted to know what it felt like to have something so big in her pussy. Could his cock make her orgasm also?Strangely his cock didn't feel any bigger then her husband's penis. She looked down her body and saw that he had only violated her with his big index finger. When his finger was buried in her pussy, he quickly withdrew it and stuck two fingers into her, and then he started licking her clit again.Afzal?s fingers started sliding up the top of the inside of her pussy and he started moving them in little circles. Soon her body was humping up and down again and another of her orgasm came and another and another.The bastard had opened a flood gate and a series of orgasms rocked her body causing her to writhe in pleasure. Her clit was distended and Ike clamped it between his lips sucking on it. Meera had the biggest orgasm in her life and she was seeing stars.When she recovered he was lying next to her on the bed, running one big, hand over her belly and breasts. Meera rolled over and reached down for the precious memory card. Afzal's large hand quickly shot out and grabbed hold of her arm. "Not so fast," he said. "You will get it when I am through with you."Meera looked longingly down at the memory card lying on the floor. She sighed and looked over at her blackmailer. He was holding his cock up so that it pointed up at the ceiling over the bed. "There's no way I'm going to be able to fit your big thing in my pussy," she said eyeing his cock with fear."Bitch, you are going to fit every inch of this big cock in your little pussy or I will be upload your video and also send it to your husband as a gift.?Meera couldn't bring herself to move and just lay next to him until Afzal rolled over and pulled her drained out body on top of him. She found herself lying on top of his hard body, her breasts pressed onto his chest, his massive cock leaving an indentation in her flat belly.Meera had never had sex outside of the regular missionary position and wasn't exactly sure how to begin. She decided to sit up and kneel over his crotch. She shivered as she felt his hard cock rubbing along her pussy. Meera began sliding her pussy up and down the length of his cock and despite herself; unknowingly she let out a soft moan.Meera only had one option. She may have sucked at giving a blow job so much that Afzal had lasted forever. However, she was good at sex and her husband rarely lasted more than five minutes. If she could get him off quickly, she might be able to get out of taking all his ten inches in her pussy. Like her husband, she thought Afzal would probably fall asleep immediately after he orgasmed and she could grab the damn memory card."Please don't cum in my pussy just like you came in my mouth," requested Meera."I promise," Afzal replied.Meera smirked. She knew better then to trust him again. She would have to stay alert. When his cock swelled and when his balls started tightening up, he would be close and she could jump off him.Meera slid her pussy back over his balls, grabbed his cock, and held it up. She simply couldn't believe how long it was. She couldn't get it in by kneeling, she would have to squat. Meera got up off her knees and squatted over the fat head of his cock. She closed her eyes and slowly lowered herself onto his damn big cock.It was so different then being with her husband. She had to squeeze his little penis just to make it hard enough to fit into her vagina. Afzal's cock was so hard and unyielding that it didn't need any help finding its way inside her pussy. She felt the tip of his cock poking at her labia and her lips started stretching out around it.Meera lowered herself some more and found she was breathing heavy with exertion. She had less than an inch in and already her pussy was having trouble stretching out to accommodate him. She sighed with relief when her labia closed over the base of the head. Just under the crown, Afzal's cock was it's thickest and she felt a little pain as she stretched out to fit more of his cock inside her. Luckily, her pussy seemed to be helping her due to the lubrication he just gave. It was constantly lubricating the three inches of cock inside her making it slide in and out easier.Meera was disgusted with herself because her body was starting to enjoy his cock. It was such a tight fit, that every single nerve ending in her pussy was rubbing against his cock sending waves of pleasure up to her brain and as she pushed another inch in, and the pleasure increased. He had penetrated her with five inches when she felt an orgasm building. This was all her husband could give her, but Ike was three times as thick as her husband and it made a huge difference. Meera decided she didn't want the opportunity to experience one more inch pass her by, so she lowered herself some more, crying out in orgasm as half his cock forced its way into her little pussy.When she recovered, she decided it was time to get him off. She started squatting rapidly up and down the six inches of his cock, hoping he couldn't hold out more than a few minutes and then her ordeal would be over.After three minutes, she felt another orgasm building. Strangely, her pussy was spasming inward around his cock like it was trying to pull more in and she gave in, pushing seven inches in. She came once again.She came again that is when she decided there wouldn't be any harm in taking another inch of the cock. She had been squatting up and down over his cock for a good fifteen minutes now and he was still showing no signs of nearing orgasm. She was starting to get frustrated. Her legs were hurting from the exertion and she didn't know how much longer she could ride the bastard. A part of her wanted his big cock inside her forever as long as it made her cum.Afzal sensed she was tiring up. He reached out his hands between her legs and around his cock, cupping her ass cheeks. He tensed his muscles up and started lifting her up and down on his cock. He heard her sigh when the strain was taken off her legs and she relaxed herself letting him do all the work. She weighed nothing to him and he easily raised her up and down eight inches of his cock. She started flailing after a couple minutes and she came again as he forced her down onto another inch. He watched her juices running down the two inches of his cock that was not buried in her pussy until they reached his pubic hair. Afzal started lifting her up and down his cock as rapidly as he could. He tried to get more in, but it wouldn't budge past 8 inches. Afzal raised her up until just the tip of his cock head was touching the entrance to her pussy and he let her go rapidly.Meera felt a big orgasm coming as Afzal lifted her up and down two thirds of his cock. He held her up so that just the tip was inside her pussy and she squirmed around wanting to cum again, wanting more of his cock in her. Her wish was answered. Meera saw Afzal jerk his hands back, and suddenly there was no support. She seemed to hover on the tip of his cock for a second and then it was thrusting back into her as gravity pulled her down onto his mammoth cock.Meera felt herself being impaled by Afzal?s big cock and it triggered her orgasm. She cried out in pleasure at first and then she screamed in pain as Afzal's entire cock was forced into her. She tried to get it out of her, but Afzal grabbed her hips and held her still. After a couple seconds she stopped struggling. It felt like she had lost her virginity once again and in a way she had. Her husband didn't even come close to filling her like Afzal could. She knew things would never be the same with her husband from now on. Her pussy was so stretched out that a little penis like her husband's would never be able to satisfy her and now that she had orgasmed, she wasn't about to give them up now. Meera just sat there impaled by his cock for several minutes as the pain slowly faded. Her pussy was working furiously to lubricate the invader and soon she was moving her crotch around in little circles feeling every square inch of the massive cock in her pussy.Afzal sat upwards and started licking around her nipples making them hard and pointed. She came again when his teeth gently clamped over one of her sensitive nipples. She felt his strong hands wrap around her ass again without letting go of her nipples between his teeth and then he rolled her over on the bed.Meera was completely engulfed by the man?s large torso and had her long legs wrapped around his thighs firmly. She felt Afzal start to slowly slide his cock in and out for a few minutes and then the real brutal fucking started.Her pitiful attempt to ride him had just been foreplay compared to the fucking Afzal was starting to give her now. His tempo was increasing until he was repeatedly slamming his entire cock into her pussy with a speed that would have gotten her husband off in three strokes.She started writhing beneath him and her hips were rising to match his thrusts. She was cumming constantly and she moved her head up to kiss his chest as a gesture of submission. She was completely helpless and dominated by both the size of his body and the size of his cock. But she was loving every minute of it.Meera reached out from under him and squeezed his ass with her hands. He had fucked her hard for twenty minutes and she had lost count of the number of orgasms he had given her. She felt his ass tighten up and she knew he was getting close. "Cum .....please cum in my pussy," she cried, but it was muffled by his chest.Meera felt Ike's cock swelling up and she felt another orgasm building in her womb at the thought him cumming in her pussy. Afzal pulled back and then thrust forward all of his 10 inches cock inside her and she heard him groan like a bull. His cock jerked and then she screamed in orgasm as his cum started spraying the deepest recesses of her pussy. She could feel his big balls pumping against her thighs and they just continued shooting semen up his cock and into her pussy. They must produce enough cum for twenty men, she thought, suddenly craving to taste him again. Meera came again and she felt herself giving in to the pleasure and she passed out.Afzal loved her taste of pussy and he didn't want to pull his cock out, but he noticed she was asleep and didn't want to miss this opportunity. He pulled his cock out, hearing a big popping sound as it left her cum filled pussy. His cock was still trickling cum, so he squeezed the rest out onto her tummy. He got off the bed and ran over to check on the mobile camera.The video still had plenty of time, so he just grabbed the mobile and started taking pictures of her cum filled pussy. The first pictures he had taken of her pussy earlier had shown a pretty, well-trimmed, pure, little pussy. Now it was a gaping semen filled hole. Her thighs had become red and he thought these would make great before and after pictures, he thought smiling. He took some shots of his cum sliding into her belly button as it liquified and some more pictures of the contented look on her face as she slept totally exhausted and drained out.Meera woke up and stretched. She felt incredible. Her whole body felt tired and sore, but she also felt satisfied and fulfilled. She looked over at Afzal lying next to her on the bed and her eyes ran over his incredible body. This hunk could make her feel more like a woman then her rich husband. Life wasn't fair.Meera remembered why she had fucked him in the first place and she tried not to panic as she looked around for the card. It was where he had left it, on the floor by the bed, and she grabbed it and shoved it under the bed.She rolled over and looked at Afzal again. Meera couldn't help herself and she ran her hand over his muscular chest feeling the hard ridges of his muscles. She moved her hand on down to his abs, marvelling at how better his flat, muscular stomach was compared to her husband's paunchy, pale one. She remembered what it felt like to be crushed beneath Afzal's incredible body and she found herself becoming aroused again. Her hand ran down to his cock and caressed it softly.Afzal's cock was the smallest she'd seen it yet. It was about seven inches long and only slightly fatter then her husband's. But still it was impressive. She gently touched the tip and she began tugging on it. It quickly swelled again and she wrapped her fingers around it and started stroking the big shaft.Afzal woke up to see her head moving down to his cock. He watched her kiss the tip and then she took him in her mouth again, but willingly this time.Meera bobbed her head up and down his shaft for a few minutes before she had to stop. "Sorry my mouth is sore," she said moving her chin around to loosen it up."Then I'll have to fuck you again," said Afzal sitting up. ?You are welcome to invade me again, bastard? Meera cooed and laid back spreading her legs for him invitingly. Afzal pushed her over on her stomach and said, "Get on all fours so I can fuck in doggy position."Meera got up on her hands and knees. This position excited her as she had never tried beforeand she desperately wanted to feel his big cock pounding into her from behind. There was so much he could teach her about sex even though he was still a young boy. Her heart was pounding as he kneeled behind her and pointed his cock at her pussy.Meera jumped when his cock touched her labia. "Ouch, my pussy is sore, be gentle with me please" she moaned.Afzal tried to be gentle, but she kept crying out every time he tried to push his cock in. "I don?t know why you made me hard again, I need to get off again and your pussy is sore. Let me try something different now," he said getting off the bed, "Don't move."Meera was wondering what different he was going to try now and saw Afzal walking over to the dressing table and grabbed the vaseline off the counter. Meera had remained in the doggy position like a obedient whore. Meera didn't know what he was going to do, but she was happy to know he hadn't given up on her. She felt his hand on her ass cheeks and she jumped as cold vaseline splattered in her crack and ran down over her ass-hole. "Bitch, now I'm going to fuck your ass," he said to cover up the sound of the mobile camera. "Any objections?"Meera knew that it would be painful, but she didn't care anymore as long as he pleased her. "No," she said "you can fuck me anywhere. My body belongs to you now."He took the tip of his index finger and started massaging the lotion around her rectum, watching it slowly open up as he pushed his finger in deeper and deeper.Meera shuddered and moaned. Afzal was patient and he was taking it slow enough that there was no pain. He removed his finger and she felt him holding her sphincter open as he smeared more vaseline on her ass hole. She cried out in pain as he pushed two fingers in, but she quickly recovered. It hurt even worse when he pushed three fingers in. She felt his fingers pull out after they had loosened her up and she knew what was coming next.Afzal ran his lotion covered hand along his cock and rested it between her cheeks. "You are one horny sexy lady," he said." He moved his cock back so that the tip was pointing at her ass-hole and said, "Here I am entering your back door," and he pushed down on his cock watching her reluctantly open wide for him.He stopped with just the head in as she was too busy crying in pain. Afzal let her get used to it a little and then pushed the thick part underneath the head of his cock in.Meera's eyes opened wide. Never had she known such pain. It felt like she was being ripped in two, but it didn't matter to her, she wanted him to fuck her ass. She wanted to feel him cumming again. Afzal was merciful and stopped pushing his cock in at seven inches. Meera felt the pain fading and said, "Fuck my ass," and he did.She didn't think that she would like it, but she was enjoying it. Meera laid down on her arms and buried her head in the pillow as Afzal fucked her up-thrust ass. She could feel his giant balls slapping against her abused thighs. He fucked her for thirty minutes before his cock exploded in her ass.He looked at her rectum. It was now a gaping hole and as it closed a little, his cum started bubbling up and pouring down her crack. It stopped closing and it remained a hole the size of a coin. Afzal looked around for his clothes.Meera heard him dressing up and she remained on the bed with her ass up. She turned towards him and asked him,? When are you coming back.?Afzal grinned at her and said,? I had thought of never coming back to Bangalore of enjoying you, but if you want more of me I don?t mind coming back again just for you and your sexy body.??I WANT YOU TO COME BACK TO FUCK ME AGAIN,? Meera Jain hissed at him like a sex starved woman. Readers, if you want me to continue the story please do comment on my story and you will have the next part.
04-15-2021, at 01:58 PM

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